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Manufacturers make a big promotion with tens of millions of yuan. Food machinery baking equipment is selected at one stop. Hunan food processing and Packaging Machinery Expo and Baking Exhibition is a gathering and networking platform of Hunan food industry, which is held regularly every year and integrates on-site sales, cooperation and negotiation, and industry exchange. The exhibition was jointly organized by Hunan Food Industry Federation and Renchuang Exhibition Group Changsha branch. At present, the third Hunan food processing and Packaging Machinery Expo and Baking Exhibition 2012 will be fully dressed and set sail in Changsha Red Star International Convention and Exhibition Center on July 13, 2012

highlight 1 of the exhibition: the development of large-scale, eco-environmental materials and their green production technology has attracted increasing attention. There are a wide range of varieties and many new products

1 The scale of this exhibition is expected to reach 50000 square meters, with more than 600 enterprises attending, thousands of famous Chinese and foreign brands playing wonderful chess, and direct sales of food packaging equipment, processing equipment, food additives, baking and baking equipment manufacturers; During the meeting, food equipment was selected one-stop and hundreds of manufacturers jointly held an unprecedented ten million yuan profit promotion

2. The scope of exhibition is: food processing machinery, food packaging equipment, packaging materials and related technologies, sealing, labeling, sterilizer, metal detection equipment, beer and beverage filling equipment, inkjet equipment, baking equipment and appliances, craft baking equipment and appliances; Moon cake packaging, stuffing, mold and production equipment; Biscuit production equipment, raw and auxiliary materials and packaging; Flour improver, bread improver, cake improver, preservative, yeast, spices, essence, pigments, sweeteners and other related food additives; Display cabinets, storage and refrigeration cabinets, store decoration; Baking technology, books and periodicals, and related equipment, and other new mechanical equipment

3. Meet with colleagues in the industry, exchange the latest information, exchange purchasing experience, experience the latest product technology, find high-quality suppliers, and open up the supply chain of upstream manufacturers 6 Displacement measurement accuracy: better than ± 1% of the indicated value, finding energy-saving products, looking for new ideas, participating in the large-scale distribution of manufacturers' propaganda products that exceed the cost, etc

Highlight 2 of the exhibition: some enterprises that bring together top domestic and foreign brands and giants are: Anhui Sanle food machinery, Shandong Bihai machinery, Ruian Xiangyang packaging machinery, Beijing zhongkehuibai logo technology, Hunan Xiangwei color printing packaging, Changsha Qianyou packaging, Tianjin Tianli aviation electromechanical, Shandong Zhucheng Fengsheng machinery, Shanghai Zhongde machinery, Guangzhou Xinyou precision packaging equipment Qingdao Hong's 16-year-old Slater went to Greece to dive Lide machinery, Ruian Beide machinery technology, Zhucheng Antai machinery, Zhucheng Dingkang machinery, Zhucheng Dayang food machinery, Shanghai Jiuxin electromechanical equipment manufacturing, Foshan chuanglibao packaging machinery, Foshan senxun packaging machinery, Zhongshan Yilin packaging equipment, Guangzhou Zhuhui machinery, Jiangyin Weixiang machinery manufacturing, Zhucheng xinsanhe machinery, Shanghai Huiquan electromechanical equipment Henan Huibao safety appliances, Shanghai Chengtao machinery, Guangzhou Yilu high packaging machinery, Shantou Yunxing machinery, Zhongshan partner packaging machinery, Ruian Meili micro electromechanical equipment, Anhui Xinyuan packaging equipment, Fujian Xing'an metal machinery, Shanghai Yaoqi metal products, Beijing Jinnuo, Zhejiang Huangyan Juguang plastic machine molding, Jiangsu shuangte machinery, Shanghai Jimei food machinery, Shanghai Maiwei packaging machinery, Tianjin hanton packaging food machinery Tianjin songmingte packaging machinery, Changsha Shangdian food, Hunan Xinfu trade, Guangzhou Yipin packaging products, Guangzhou guangdaxiang food, Guangdong Chaoan cailong packaging, Guangzhou Hongchao food, Jiangmen Yuying precision industry, Shanghai Hengguang food machinery, Guangzhou tianbang food raw material trade, Nanchang Yongda food mold machinery, Guangzhou Huabai food additive, Guangzhou Huamei bakery food packaging Jingzhou Xinli industry

exhibition highlight 3: rich on-site activities

2012 Hunan wine and food dealers association and exchange meeting; Ten million yuan of food packaging machinery to make profits and reward guests; On site consultation meeting of food experts; Lectures on enterprise management, etc

find brands, agents, equipment and cooperation. It's an industry event that can't be missed

sincerely thank you for your participation and attention

exhibition time: thermal viscosity July 11, 2012 13

exhibition location: Hunan Red Star International Convention and Exhibition Center

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