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One step away from the transaction, how does the silk printing industry enter the

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core tip: in recent years, China's domestic e-commerce has developed rapidly, with the rapid rise of B2B e-commerce enterprises represented by Huicong and Alibaba and B2C represented by, and Suning, giving people the purchase Trading behavior has brought great changes

[China Packaging News] in recent years, China's domestic e-commerce has developed rapidly. The rapid rise of B2B e-commerce enterprises represented by Huicong and Alibaba and B2C represented by, and Suning has brought great changes to people's purchasing and trading behavior. Nowadays, Internet has been applied to almost all walks of life, especially in the silk printing industry. The arrival of e-commerce has seen the dawn of China's printing industry, and the development of e-commerce has also become a new model for the development of many small and medium-sized enterprises

however, it is not easy for many enterprises to carry out e-commerce, especially transactions, for which the industrial delivery channels in the financial field are less at present. They hope to enter the e-commerce industry as soon as possible, but due to the characteristics of the industry, the cost of independent operation and development is high, and the later maintenance also costs time and money, so they have not really realized e-commerce

on July 30, 2014, at the "2016 China silk screen printing industry summit forum on positive material production of 161600 tons in China", held by Huicong in Beijing, Li Huaigui, general manager of Dongguan Zhongyi flame retardant viscose industry Co., Ltd., pointed out that in recent years, online trading, as a new sales model, began to enter the vision of traditional industries, and also built many platforms for industrial products trading, There is no problem with the technology of online sales network. However, industrial products, such as auxiliary materials, pastes, printing pastes, and printing color paste auxiliary materials, are semi-finished products, which involve storage, transportation, management, and after-sales service. Especially, after-sales service is the key. Whether they can be well solved directly determines whether industrial products can enter the Internet

as a large buyer user, Foxconn Technology Group Langfang Branch has also expressed its concern about the transaction: Although shopping is convenient and fast, the description of products on silk printing is relatively vague and the function introduction is not complete. Customers are targeted to purchase, and the description of product features and highlights is required to be more intuitive and clear. This is a specific problem that needs to be solved across the road of industrial products trading

HC, as a leading B2B e-commerce service provider in China, has been laying the groundwork for trading as early as 2012. The business development in B2B field not only focuses on technology leadership and product uniqueness, but also uses service leadership or service advantage to establish effective contacts with customers, better integrate products and technical resources, and form a new system to serve customers. Clear the true identity of the enterprise, clear product information, fair and transparent transactions

Huicong silk screen special printing mall, which will be launched soon, is intended to open up a safer and more reliable shortcut for printing enterprises and buyers and users, and take large-scale manufacturers and suppliers with high brand reputation as the partners of the mall. The enterprises settling in Huicong silk screen special printing mall must be those with business licenses, independent registered brands or trademarks (individual business licenses are not included), or enterprises that have obtained the general agency right of regular brand merchants. For commodity information, Huicong silk screen special printing mall also put forward clear requirements. For example, the quotation must be reasonable, the pictures of the goods must be clear, the parameters must be complete, and the introduction must include the detailed pictures of the goods, which are indispensable; The business opportunity level is above 5 stars, etc

people without foresight must have immediate worries. Due to the need for structural components with good fatigue resistance in these fields, we occupy the commanding height before the arrival of blue ocean in silk printing, become the forerunner of e-commerce in the industry, meet the arrival of the new tide of the industry, and become the leader of the industry

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