One of the three glass bottles in China is made in

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One of the three glass bottles in China is made in Tongshan. The annual output of glass in the county is more than 6 billion

on the morning of May 12, I saw a foreign businessman in Tongshan Dahua glass products Co., Ltd. when I inquired, it turned out that the hydraulic valve of the hydraulic system of the cruise tensile testing machine from Tanzania should be cleaned every three months, sir. He said that the glass products here have a complete range of products, excellent quality and reasonable price. This time, he ordered two products. If the spring does not fail, it will prove that the verification test has passed. A total of 1million products will be produced, and he will often cooperate in the future

in recent years, Tongshan County has taken glassware manufacturing as a characteristic leading industry, adjusting the product structure, promoting technological innovation, expanding sales channels, and promoting industrial development through "popular factors" such as injector type creative design, new process application, and network sales. At present, there are 73 glass manufacturing and related enterprises in the county, with an annual output of more than 6 billion daily-use glassware, 40% of which are exported to more than 30 countries and regions such as Japan, South Korea, Europe and the United States. One of the three ordinary daily-use glass bottles in China comes from Tongshan, becoming the five largest daily-use glass production bases in China and the largest in Jiangsu Province

make daily-use utensils into works of art

the glass industry in Tongshan County is mainly concentrated in Mapo, Liuxin and Maocun towns by Weishan Lake. Through years of development, Tongshan County has become an important production base of ordinary daily-use glassware in the country. In order to speed up industrial upgrading, Tongshan County established a glass science and Technology Industrial Park in Mapo Town in 2005, compiled an industrial development plan, and independently developed various special-shaped glass containers to meet the different needs of the market

Dahua glass products Co., Ltd. hired a number of professional designers to set up a market development department, which specializes in the development of high-end special-shaped bottles, and made daily utensils as works of art, which was favored by foreign businessmen

like Dahua Company, Shengli, Hualian, Ruitai and other enterprises also regard the self-development of new products as the trump card for the survival and development of enterprises, so as to improve the grade of products and meet the needs of the international market. At present, the county has developed fruit drinks, medicine, pickles, cans, wine bottles, cosmetic bottles, drifting bottles, wishing bottles, star bottles and other handicrafts, with a total of nine series and more than 4000 varieties of glass products, of which more than 150 have obtained national patents for design

a new process "sprays" 100million yuan

continuous introduction of new technologies and processes is the source of power for the development of Tongshan glass industry. They cooperated with glass research institutions in Bengbu, Anhui, Shanghai and other places to establish an interactive win-win mechanism between industry, University and research, and constantly overcome technical problems. At present, the glass enterprises in Tongshan are all changed to full-automatic, all gas and electrification production lines, so as to realize the centralized gas supply and heat supply of glass production enterprises in the park and achieve energy conservation and emission reduction

in 2009, Tongshan County set up a glass product quality inspection service center, which not only saves the trouble of remote inspection in the past, but also allows the local quality inspection department to check the quality in time. More importantly, the quality inspection department implemented the liquid spraying process with the help of technical advantages, saving costs, improving the smoothness, strength and hardness of products, and greatly improving the product qualification rate. The technician of the testing center calculated an account that using the liquid spraying process to produce an ordinary glass bottle can save 15 to 20 grams of raw materials, that is, using this process to produce 15 bottles can save the raw materials of one bottle. Since its promotion last year, more than ten enterprises have used this process, saving more than 100million yuan

from "running the market" to "selling family"

before, the sales of Tongshan glass products were driven by salespersons going north and south, working hard with their legs. Now they make full use of their networks to sell and become a selling family

"our annual investment in e-commerce is about 1million yuan, equivalent to the production of more than 2 million glass beverage bottles." The head of a glass factory said that although e-commerce costs a lot, it can bring a larger market, and the investment is still increasing. This year, many glass products enterprises in Tongshan are recruiting graduates from computer and foreign language universities. Through e-commerce, the sales of glass products will be increased by another 20%

in addition to the professional sales personnel of the enterprise itself, some farmers in Tongshan County also joined the network sales force. In qianbaduan village, Mapo Town, where glass enterprises gather, almost every villager has a computer, forming a team of more than 600 network sales agents

at present, 60% of the sales orders of Tongshan glass products come from the Internet, which not only reduces the sales cost of the enterprise, expands the sales volume, but also improves the market coverage

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