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Lenovo future cloud Classroom: "mechanical eye" unveils the secrets of large aircraft manufacturing. With it, "look"

with a pair of glasses, you can "disassemble" the aircraft engine for installation, detection and maintenance

on March 13, in the online class of the second lesson "opening the eyes of future wisdom" of Lenovo future cloud classroom, the first live broadcast platform of science and technology public education in China, maoshijie, President of Lenovo Research Institute Shanghai Branch, as the course lecturer, answered the computer vision technology behind the life scenes for more than 500 teachers and students in Yan'an, Shaanxi Province, the old revolutionary base, and friends across the country. Among them, how to make domestic large aircraft through the "electronic eye" has become the most popular part for children. During the interaction, students lamented that AI has already appeared in all aspects of our life

(maoshijie, President of Shanghai Branch of Lenovo Research Institute, was at the lecture site)

Zaoyuan middle school is a suburban school. The principal zhangdonghong has been teaching here for seven or eight years, from more than 100 students at that time to more than 500 now. He has witnessed the development of local education. According to him, the school students are mainly the children of migrant workers from rural to urban areas. Although the hardware facilities of the school are not much different from those in the city, popular science knowledge is very rare for children in these mountainous areas. This class introduces the world's most cutting-edge science and technology, which broadens children's horizons. I hope that in the future, not only Lenovo, but also more scientific and technological enterprises will pay attention to the popularization of scientific and technological knowledge in mountainous areas

every minute! Explore the "① visual power of industrial waste plastics" behind China's aerospace industry

this class directly focuses on computer vision technology. Mao Shijie, President of Shanghai Branch of Lenovo Research Institute, mainly talked about how computers can obtain high-level understanding and output actions from digital images or videos by combining theory with practice. In short, it is how to use computer vision to "understand the world" and perform the tasks assigned by people

as we all know, domestic large aircraft are frequently test flying, and finally realize the Chinese people's "big aircraft dream" for many years. According to Mao Shijie, computer vision, as a "Navigator", runs through every link of aircraft manufacturing in the five processes of R & D and design, supply chain, production and manufacturing, flight test and operation and maintenance of large aircraft manufacturing

in the course of class demonstration, large aircraft manufacturing used Lenovo Morningstar ar glasses to find possible problems in the R & D and design links and supply chain links, and to detect whether aircraft parts are qualified and installed in place; In the production process, Lenovo manipulator is used for remote spraying; In the transportation link, Lenovo vision navigation AGV is used to carry materials... These are all applied to computer vision technology

(Lenovo future cloud classroom on-site demonstration of aircraft engine maintenance)

even the most basic cable and connector assembly work is inseparable from computer vision. The manufacturing process of a domestic large aircraft involves 15000 cables and more than 500 harnesses, and the assembly process is extremely fine. The deviation of one wire may cause unimaginable serious consequences, which is a top test for accuracy

however, by using Morningstar ar glasses and its background technology based on computer vision technology, the cable can be automatically identified, and the corresponding hole position of the cable can be directly indicated on the connector, which greatly shortens the assembly time. Previously, the work that three people spent half a day to complete can be completed by one person in just one hour, which not only reduces the labor cost, but also greatly improves the accuracy

according to reports, on the list of winners of the 2019 science and technology award published by the Chinese Computer Society (CCF) last year, "aircraft intelligent assembly based on Morningstar AR and computer vision technology" also won the award for excellence in scientific and technological progress

in addition, Lenovo also provides strong computing power and simulation solutions for the manufacturing of domestic large aircraft, promotes the intelligent transformation of aviation manufacturing industry through the integration of information technology and manufacturing industry, and makes every effort to contribute to the "great power and heavy industry"

(Lenovo ar aircraft whole process, intelligent auxiliary assembly and detection)

integrate core technology advantages to enable intelligent transformation of the industry

"As soon as we see this Eiffel Tower, we know what it is. If we imagine ourselves as a computer, how does it recognize it? It looks completely different from us humans, but a pixel table, and then through complex calculations, we can outline and judge what it is. What are the safety precautions of the pressure burst experimental machine: what?"

in the class presentation, Mao Shijie vividly showed the children three types of cameras - color camera, fish eye camera and depth camera through the pixel table. By combining theory with practice, the students had a deeper understanding of computer vision

in Mao Shijie's live broadcast, the application scenes of Lenovo computer vision covered shopping, games and other life entertainment scenes, as well as large-scale industrial scenes such as domestic large aircraft and intelligent manufacturing. By connecting with Lenovo future center, Mao Shijie showed Lenovo's artificial intelligence products such as quality inspection machine, visual navigation vehicle and man-machine collaborative manipulator equipped with computer vision technology, combining esoteric theory with practical application scenarios, and vividly displaying the sophisticated computer vision artificial intelligence technology in front of children

(Lenovo visual navigation vehicle)

and the computer vision technology presented in this class is only the tip of the iceberg of Lenovo's technical strength

at present, Lenovo has R & D bases in many countries around the world, with more than 10000 R & D personnel and engineers, and invests 10billion yuan a year to develop new technologies and products. By the end of 2019, Lenovo Group had 27000 patents and patent applications, of which more than 600 5g patents had been applied, ranking among the top in the world

At the same time, Lenovo is using leading edge computing technology, reliable IOT equipment, and rich software platform systems to initiate changes around intelligent IOT, intelligent infrastructure, smart industry, etc., and empower Lenovo's products, solutions, and services to all industries

in addition to empowering China's manufacturing industry with wisdom and helping domestic large aircraft "go to heaven", Lenovo's AI technology and products also go deep into agriculture, education, transportation, medical and other fields to promote the intelligent transformation of these industries

according to statistics, Lenovo has provided integrated intelligent solutions for more than 100 of China's top 500 enterprises, such as Sinopec, Guodian, BAIC, Dongfeng, Weichai, etc. in the process of helping these enterprises to be intelligent, Lenovo will work with enterprises to restructure the full value links of R & D, production, supply, sales, service, etc., drive enterprises to innovate business models, and comprehensively promote the intelligent transformation and upgrading of traditional industries

according to the introduction, this live class realizes online directional teaching with students through the Lenovo intelligent education solution, which can realize the functions of real-time interaction with students, learning situation analysis, characteristic teaching, personalized and autonomous learning of students and so on

in the era of educational informatization 2.0, Lenovo is building a digital innovation scene around various computing terminals, big data and artificial intelligence, establishing a set of intelligent scene innovation intelligent education solutions covering "teaching, educational administration and teaching research", and is committed to forming a closed loop of the business chain of "teaching, learning, examination, evaluation and management", so as to truly realize the innovation of teaching methods and the reform of teaching modes, Promote the intelligent reform of China's education

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