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Lovol the Belt and Road story: tractors and chelizi

Lovol the Belt and Road story: tractors and chelizi

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witnessed the hot sale of "red fruits" in Chile in the country of origin

hot sales in third and fourth tier cities in China, and the Chinese ate 180000 tons last year... In recent years, Chilean chelizi seems to be a "red" with its own traffic, and hot spots continue. Chile, about 20000 kilometers away from China, has long been vague in the memory of domestic people. However, the delicious chelizi makes Chile stand out on the world map of Chinese diners

the mature and sales season of Chilean cherries is from November to February of the next year, which includes Christmas and Chinese Spring Festival. Among the export markets of Chilean cherries, Asia is the largest export market of Chilean cherries, accounting for 90% of the export volume, and China is the largest consumer market of Chilean cherries

Chilean user carlowans and his Lovol 704 tractor

in an orchard in Chile, the farmer carlowans is driving a Lovol 704 Orchard tractor and spraying leaf fertilizer on the cherries. Seeing the Lovol service team members who came to the tour service, he said and jumped out of the tractor, He said happily, "my cherizi is mainly sent to China. It's very kind to see you. This year's market is also very good. I've made a fortune by growing cherizi in recent years! Thanks to these two good guys, they have made great contributions to me! These two tractors haven't broken since I bought them. It's too easy. This time you can help me change the oil and filter element of this 704 tractor and another 824 tractor."

"after this picking season, I am going to expand the planting area by another 5 hectares. I will buy two Lovol tractors in a few days, which is just right for reclamation. I am very honored to use Chinese made agricultural machinery to bring delicious food to the Chinese people. This is mutual benefit." Carlowans said happily

with the continuous improvement of quality and service, Lovol agricultural machinery products are widely praised in Chile, and Lovol tractors have also become the "red" in Chile's fruit farming circle, witnessing the hot sale of cherizi in the country of origin

expand the South American market. Lovol agricultural equipment shows great style

it is understood that the economic development level of South American countries differs greatly from the economic strength according to the different requirements of automobile OEMs. Brazil and Argentina are the most economically developed countries in South America. Together with Venezuela, Colombia, Chile and Peru, the GDP of the six countries accounts for more than 90% of the continent. Except Brazil and Argentina, which have certain agricultural machinery production enterprises, other countries in South America have no production and manufacturing capacity of agricultural machinery, and can only manufacture simple machines and tools. Therefore, the degree of agricultural mechanization is not high

Chilean user carlowans and his other Lovol 824 tractor

in view of this market development prospect, Lovol heavy industries has been developing South America as an important market. Since 2005, Lovol tractors have begun to enter the South American market, with the production of about 75 horsepower. 1. Put a sample (single ball) in the center of the lower platen as the leading product, and gradually expand the market field. Lovol tractor, with advanced technology, reliable performance, continuously upgraded horsepower and continuously optimized products, is deeply welcomed by users, has become the first choice of users, and has cultivated a large number of loyal fans. At the same time, Lovol heavy industry provides a full set of agricultural solutions and supporting after-sales service system, which plays an extremely important role in agricultural mechanization production in farmland, orchards, rubber plantations, cotton fields, pastures and other occasions. Actively participate in local agricultural modernization

in recent years, Lovol heavy industry has always taken the breakthrough of core technology as the driving force for the sustainable development of the enterprise, and has successively carried out a large number of domestic blank projects such as "power shift tractors, high-performance large-scale combine harvesters and high-end intelligent agricultural machines and tools", undertaken by Hunan University of technology, and the research and development of international advanced agricultural machinery equipment, and achieved breakthroughs in a large number of key and bottleneck technologies such as power shift, It has completely changed the situation that the core technology in the field of domestic high-end agricultural equipment has been monopolized by foreign countries for a long time, promoted the transformation and upgrading of agricultural mechanization, and constantly painted a new picture of smart agriculture. (song Bingshan)

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