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Lenovo and nutanix have brought hyperfusion infrastructure to global enterprises.

Lenovo Group and nutanix announced today that they will establish a strategic partnership to jointly develop, promote and sell Lenovo's new hyperfusion device product family equipped with nutanix software. This device has the ability of horizontal expansion and integrates storage, server and virtualization services. It not only helps simplify data center management, but also saves a lot of it costs. The hyper converged infrastructure jointly provided by the two companies will provide customers with alternatives other than the public cloud, help it departments focus on improving application and service capabilities, fully support business development and enhance business flexibility

super convergence architecture combines high reliability server platform with cutting-edge software to build a private cloud data center that can be equal to the public cloud in terms of flexibility, scalability and extremely low energy consumption. This agreement will enable Lenovo to continue to adhere to innovation, build world-class industrial design, and maintain a forward-looking development of the IT industry in the next 10 years. At the same time, Lenovo has rich resources in the world, especially in China and other fast-growing markets, which can help partners develop a fast track to enter key industry segments

the two companies will work together to create a new family of super integrated equipment products, which will be built on Lenovo's leading enterprise level system with high customer satisfaction and high reliability, and equipped with award-winning nutanix software technology. This solution adopts the latest Intel technology, which can effectively meet the needs of various workloads and support more efficient and more scalable operations of enterprise applications, databases, virtualized desktops, big data analysis, etc

in order to fully meet the rapid growth of the market demand for super integrated platforms, the board referred to here does not refer to the trend of computer boards, Lenovo strives to build a global professional sales team. The solution will be sold through Lenovo's global channel partners and enterprise sales teams. In addition, Lenovo and nutanix also plan to make major investments in platform engineering and development, and adopt a positive market strategy, which requires considering the strength, heat resistance, wear resistance and so on

Lenovo will bring a new perspective to the global enterprise level field. Instead of being bound by the old way of thinking and inherent concepts, we will adhere to innovation and cooperate with the most leading and innovative enterprises in the industry to create new solutions. Yang Yuanqing, chairman and CEO of Lenovo Group, said he believed that nutanix's recognized technology leadership in the industry, coupled with Lenovo's strong global influence, would help customers significantly reduce the complexity of data centers of all sizes

Lenovo is a leader in many technology markets (1) overload protection function. Its innovative and high-quality products have won the trust of thousands of enterprises around the world. Nutanix is committed to providing invisible infrastructure with more efficient network scale technology and enhanced consumer level design capabilities for enterprises of all sizes. This cooperation with Lenovo is undoubtedly an important milestone for us to achieve this grand goal! Dheeraj Pandey, founder and CEO of nutanix, said

Lenovo and nutanix are expected to jointly launch the new solution at the Gartner data center infrastructure and operation and maintenance conference in Las Vegas in December

industry endorsement

Diane Bryant, senior vice president and general manager of data center of Intel, said: enterprises are looking for a simple solution to solve storage problems, for which Intel has launched in-depth cooperation with data center leaders. We are cooperating with overload protection function, output experimental report, energy-saving Lenovo and nutanix to provide optimized server and storage solutions for enterprises based on Intel Architecture. Based on many technologies of Intel, this cooperation will launch solutions that are easier to deploy

nutanix occupies an important position in the emerging hyper convergence market and is also the first enterprise to show its skills in this field. Matt Eastwood, senior vice president of IDC enterprise infrastructure and data center, said that this time, Lenovo and nutanix broke through the scope of conventional cooperation and will further work together to vigorously accelerate engineering and technological innovation, market promotion and build a professional sales team. With Lenovo's global influence, this cooperation will quickly open new markets for hyperintegrated infrastructure

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