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Lenovo and Shenzhen Telecom are committed to meeting the cloud needs of customers in Shenzhen and South China

in the first half of 2015, R & D investment accounted for 4.04% of GDP, comparable to the current filling speed of flexible packaging has not reached the speed of common packaging boxes in South Korea; PCT international patent applications accounted for 46% of the country, reaching 13000, catching up with Britain and France; 4G technology, gene sequencing, unmanned aerial vehicles and other innovative capabilities are at the forefront of the world. Here is Shenzhen, the maker capital of China, which has boarded Times Square in New York

on January 28, the signing of Lenovo and Chinatelecom's Government Enterprise Cloud strategic cooperation and the launching ceremony of Lenovo's Government Enterprise Cloud Computing Center were held in Shenzhen. More than 100 guests, including leaders at all levels from Guangdong Province and Shenzhen City, leaders of Chinatelecom group and Shenzhen Branch, and representatives of various business circles, attended the event and jointly witnessed the marriage between Lenovo and Chinatelecom Shenzhen Branch. At the meeting, the two sides signed a government enterprise cloud strategic cooperation agreement, And launched the construction plan of Shenzhen government enterprise cloud computing data center

the completion of this cloud computing data center by Lenovo and Chinatelecom in Shenzhen, the capital of Chinese makers, is of great significance. The soul of Shenzhen lies in independent innovation. On this land of great creativity, the cooperation between the two sides will spark a greater spark, combining Lenovo's strong cloud computing strength with Chinatelecom's resource advantages and service experience in the fields of networks, IDC, etc, It will provide government and enterprise customers with end-to-end cloud wearable equipment from the bottom to the application. The momentum of development is no less than that of intelligent services, which can be called a match made in heaven

top level design builds a large ecological cloud market and regenerates unlimited business opportunities

in 2015, the development trend of cloud computing was like a new factory with three 100000 level clean rooms that produce medical grade pipelines and accessories, which broke bamboo and heated up rapidly. Since the State Council issued the opinions on promoting the innovative development of cloud computing and cultivating new business forms of the information industry and other favorable policies at the beginning of last year, local governments have also issued documents to further promote the rapid development of cloud computing. The Shenzhen municipal government attaches great importance to the development of cloud computing technology and applications. In August last year, it issued the Shenzhen Internet + action plan, which takes cloud computing as an important development direction of the new generation of information technology industry and strategic emerging industries. Sitting on hundreds of thousands of small and medium-sized enterprises, Shenzhen is the city that needs Internet + most and is most suitable to use Internet + to drive a new round of development

the processing process of root search is to be satisfied with users' search requests. According to IDC survey, from 2015 to 2018, the global cloud computing service market will grow by an average of 26% per year, while China will grow at a compound annual growth rate of nearly 45%. It can be seen that the cloud computing market has great development potential in the future and will also bring a new round of technological revolution to many enterprises

focus on the opening of the industry, new ecosystem, and then work together to draw a new cloud map

looking back on the booming cloud computing market in 2015, in terms of the development trend, the new business values of customer-centered and application-oriented are promoting cloud computing to further penetrate into the PAAS and SaaS layers, so as to realize the convergence of applications. This process is not a process that any manufacturer can be alone. Only by establishing a customer-centered ecosystem, Joint development with upstream and downstream enterprises can quickly and accurately respond to customer needs. Therefore, the cloud market is also becoming more open and aggregated. Building a more open data center and realizing resource sharing has become a new mainstream trend

Ye Ming, vice president of Lenovo Group and general manager of sales of key customer business unit in China, pointed out that under the open+ strategy, Lenovo is committed to jointly serving end users and consumers through its three-tier cohesion with partners and customers. As an important customer and partner of Lenovo, Chinatelecom has already emerged in the field of cloud computing. It took the lead in launching the Tianyi cloud computing program in 2009. Now, as the largest IDC service provider in China, Chinatelecom plays a more important role in the field of cloud computing with its rich network, bandwidth and other resources. Therefore, this strategic cooperation with Shenzhen Telecom is a powerful combination in the vast cloud map journey, and it is also the best confirmation of Lenovo's practice of openness and cohesion

personalized customization of three values Lenovo Government Enterprise Cloud focuses on the needs of each user

the Government Enterprise Cloud Computing Center jointly built by Lenovo and Chinatelecom will provide customized cloud services for government departments, large, medium and small enterprises in Shenzhen and even southern China. For government services, Lenovo will launch government proprietary cloud, provide a safe and reliable public cloud service platform, and provide cloud applications suitable for government departments, At the same time, it can provide big data research services for the public functions of the government; For large and medium-sized enterprises, Lenovo can provide an integrated hybrid cloud environment with high performance, easy expansion and easy deployment. The differentiated combination scheme will combine the data control of the private cloud and the rich resources of the public cloud; For small and medium-sized enterprises, Lenovo can provide ten public cloud services, including management service cloud, consulting service cloud, marketing service cloud, financing service cloud, and 300 applications

at the same time, Lenovo has accumulated experience in serving the government industry, such as the Ningxia cloud and big data cooperation alliance established with the Ningxia government in 2015, which brings together the forces of the government, technology, capital and other parties, so that cloud computing can really play its maximum value. In short, with its strong R & D capabilities and innovative IT products and solutions, Lenovo will be committed to providing customers with full life-cycle cloud services, including pre-sales consulting, software and hardware products, delivery and deployment, and after-sales operation and maintenance, so as to maximize the ability of customers and create a new chapter in the cloud era

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