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With peak hold, automatic shutdown, overcurrent and overload protection functions, lenovo/Lenovo rescuer 15 i7 6700hq 4G independent display game book evaluation start evaluation

Lenovo rescuer hot selling notebook recommendation: lenovo/Lenovo rescuer 15 i7 6700hq 4G independent display game book notebook computer

i7 quad core 9-series 4G independent display 8g memory, the following is a collection of this part of start friend evaluation, for the reference and comparison of friends in need

I. how about lenovo/Lenovo rescuer 15 i7 6700hq 4G independent game book, is it easy to use

experience after a month of trial:

(1) the computer is very good. As I imagined, it has good quality and fast running speed. It has been used for several days, and the boot time is almost 7 seconds. Installed large-scale office software, running smoothly

(2) extremely fast logistics, very good. 7.5.1 size deviation and appearance quality gifts, mouse, mouse pad and computer bag are all good. Talking about the computer, the boot is fast, basically in seconds, the operation is smooth, and the pixels are high. Lenovo/Lenovo rescuer 15 i7 6700hq 4G unique game book configuration parameters:

Product Name: lenov (107) building adhesive o/Lenovo rescuer 15

brand: lenovo/Lenovo

model: 15

screen size: 15.6 inches

CPU: Intel Core ihq

display card type: NVIDIA geforce gtx960m

video memory capacity: 4G

mechanical hard disk capacity: 1TB

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