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Lenovo's unremitting innovation in light and ink printing technology leads the future of printing

recently, Lenovo rj600n color light and ink printer, which has attracted the attention of the media, the industry and users since its release, finally went on sale in the expectation of thousands of people. With revolutionary optical ink technology, disruptive optical ink products and new business models, Lenovo continues to lead the printer industry to a deeper direction of greater application and higher technology through innovation and breakthroughs in the field of printing technology

from 1991 to 2011, Lenovo's printing business has grown from scratch and from small to large. Today, Lenovo printers have sold 10.18 million units, becoming one of the most trusted and favorite brands of consumers. If the innovation of Lenovo's printing products over the past two decades, relying on first-class international quality to win the trust and support of users, stems from the accurate grasp of the market and user needs, then the continuous technological innovation and the scientific and technological research and development concept of customer application first are the foundation of Lenovo's fierce competition in the market and standing up to the tide. Recently, Lenovo rj600n color light ink printer, which has attracted the attention of the media, the industry and users since its release, finally went on sale in the expectation of thousands of people. With revolutionary optical ink technology, disruptive optical ink products and new business models, Lenovo continues to lead the printer industry to a deeper direction of greater application and higher technology through innovation and breakthroughs in the field of printing technology

[revolutionary optical ink technology, epoch-making optical ink DNA]

the emergence of optical ink printing technology stems from Lenovo's continuous attention to consumer demand. Lenovo found through a series of market research that consumers need high-speed/color/low-cost printers at present, but in today's printing market, neither inkjet nor laser technology can fully meet the needs of users. Inkjet printer can print high-quality color with simple structure, low cost, small size, low energy consumption, standby power consumption is almost negligible, and there is no emission of ozone and dust; However, the moving print head of inkjet printer is slow, easy to plug, small monthly load, low consumable capacity, and ink bleeding will occur when printing ordinary paper, with high noise and high printing cost. Laser printers, relatively speaking, have faster speed, large load, can withstand a large amount of work, and the mean time between failures is better than inkjet. Moreover, due to the large amount of consumables, the replacement frequency is low. However, the laser printer has ozone and dust emissions, and its structure is complex. Relatively speaking, the technical barriers are high, and the cost of color printing is very high, so its development is also limited to a certain extent. The existing inkjet printing technology and laser printing technology have appeared development bottlenecks, and their disadvantages are difficult to break through. How to combine their respective advantages to meet the future needs of consumers and achieve green and sustainable development has become the key to the breakthrough of printing technology

optical ink printing technology is a new printing technology that combines the respective advantages of inkjet and laser. The secret of its high-speed color output lies in its unique wide print head design. The plastic granulator is also a major energy consumer in China. The width of the print head is 222.8mm, which is enough to cover the width of A4 printing paper. During the printing process, the print head does not need to move back and forth, and the printing speed will naturally be significantly improved. Of course, just the width of the print head is not enough. Take rj600n as an example. The characteristics of the hardware of the thermal strip tension tester: its print head integrates up to 70400 nozzles (the nozzle density is 17 times that of the ordinary print head), which can spray 800million ink droplets on the print paper every second, that is, it can achieve high-speed output, and also ensure good printing accuracy

[60ppm Lenovo light ink rj600n subverts the market pattern]

Lenovo rj600n light ink color printer is undoubtedly a landmark product in the history of color printer development. Lenovo rj600n light ink color printer is for middle-end office users, and can realize 60ppm black-and-white color printing at the same speed. It can be said to be the fastest desktop office printing device at present. The highest printing resolution can achieve 1600 x 1600 DPI, presenting the most realistic printing color for users. The leading printing technology and innovative ink supply method make the printing cost of black-and-white single sheet of Lenovo rj600n light ink color printer only ¥ 0.08 yuan/page, and the color printing cost only ¥ 0.27 yuan/page, helping users to compress the cost to the greatest extent. 250 closed sheet carton +1-sheet manual feeder can not only ensure large-capacity paper supply, but also effectively prevent the paper from being affected by moisture and pollution, so as to reduce the paper jam caused by external reasons; The 125 page output tray ensures the smooth completion of a large number of printing jobs. Convenient USB interface and standard configuration network connection can facilitate the space sharing of printers. Lenovo rj600n light ink color printer is the ideal color printing device with high quality, high speed and low cost pursued by thousands of color printers

the advantage of Lenovo rj600n light ink color printer lies in its low cost and high performance, which is exactly the demand of modern business printing. Lenovo rj600n light ink color printer combines excellent performance and ultra-low cost, and will undoubtedly bring users a faster, more colorful and more affordable printing experience. More importantly, in order to ensure the printing quality, Lenovo rj600n light ink color printer uses the refill cartridge technology to supply ink through a special inking unit, which will completely change the existing consumable marketing mode, not only making the replacement of consumables more convenient, but also realizing the low-carbon and environmental protection of products

[new business model for the future of the industry]

in addition to technology and product innovation. Business model innovation is also one of Lenovo's important strategies in 2011. At present, Lenovo is promoting a new business model design + marketing smile curve model: that is, in the industrial value chain, focus on the most valuable areas, grasp both ends of the smile curve, and design and marketing of printers, that is, while strengthening the definition, design and R & D of printers to create intelligent value-added, while strengthening customer-oriented marketing and services, so as to maximize the value of manufacturers and consumers

at the design level, Lenovo is committed to designing and customizing the whole line of light and ink product lines for Chinese consumers: because there are many misunderstandings about color printers in the market, in fact, color printers can achieve the same efficiency and printing cost as black-and-white printers. Therefore, an important work of Lenovo printer in the future is the popularization of color and double-sided printers in the market; In addition, in the future, Lenovo will expand its light and ink product line from printers to all-in-one machines according to user needs; According to the needs of different customers, Lenovo will also consider expanding from the desktop to the working group and the printing industry. According to the friction movement mode, it can be divided into: linear reciprocating friction and wear testing machine, from high to low, layout the whole line of products

at the marketing level, Lenovo is working towards the integration of industrial chain resources and the transformation of industrial models. It will not only cooperate with memjet to establish a new pattern of open cooperation, but also carry out the marketing model of refill, a light and ink consumables, to reduce the cost of color printing for customers. At the same time, taking advantage of the strong ability to integrate channels and the dual advantages of t/r mode, we will further improve the service integration ability, and cooperate with other businesses of Lenovo Group, such as PC, Le phone and other businesses to provide consumers with comprehensive IT applications

in today's closed printing industry mode, enterprises act independently and cannot share the advantageous technology of the whole industry, which hinders the development of technology and the progress of the industry. Lenovo has a good cooperative relationship and experience with enterprises at the core of the printing industry. It unites with many manufacturers to share more advanced technologies, form a more open industrial model, and provide consumers with a series of products. The significance of the smile curve model lies in establishing a new pattern of openness and cooperation, promoting the progress of the printing industry, so that consumers no longer have to pay a high price; Secondly, high value-added product directions and services can have high profit potential, ensure the sustainable operation of enterprises and provide better services for consumers

after 20 years of market discipline, Lenovo printer market share has ranked second in China. Over the past 20 years, Lenovo has always led the development direction of the printing industry in China, which is showing double-digit growth. Lenovo printer's ability to design and define products and strong strategic integration capabilities have laid the foundation for Lenovo printer's position today. Over the past 20 years, Lenovo printing has keenly grasped the pulse of the market, accurately grasped the needs of the market and users, fully developed its ability to design and define products, constantly optimized product design, produced products that are truly suitable for consumers, and provided users with more valuable products and applications

the foundation of an enterprise's success should be its technological innovation ability. Without mastering the leading core technology, an enterprise cannot have sustainable competitiveness. At the same time, if there is no successful innovation of marketing system, the technology of an enterprise will also be defeated because the technology cannot be recognized by the market. In an open market environment, technological invention is only 10% of innovation, and the other 90% is to turn this technology into a product acceptable in the market. Therefore, Lenovo's innovation should be an all-round and universal innovation. It may be the innovation of product technology, strategy, operation mode and customer service. What is gratifying is that Lenovo is committed to innovation in technology, strategy, operation mode and customer service

with unremitting innovation, leading technology, innovative products and new business model, Lenovo has been ahead of other competitors and opened the door to the future. This is the best interpretation of Lenovo printer's brand spirit for you and for the future. In the future, Lenovo printer will gradually cover product lines and comprehensive application services from consumption to large industries, enrich its own product lines, and meet the application needs of different customers; For the future, Lenovo printing will continue to study the technologies and products that represent the future development direction, lead the new technology and new pattern of the printing industry, help users print more efficiently and with lower carbon, achieve users and lead the future

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