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Lenovo and sunnyrain gather multiple manufacturers to create a service future

sunnyrain's fy14/15 customer appreciation meeting and OSD project launch ceremony with the theme of sunnyrain's future were held in Hefei. During the event, yangguangyuliu convened many service leaders from major manufacturers to carry out a service theme salon, and held a project launch ceremony with Lenovo service delivery team on site

with a history of 16 years, onlineservicedelivery (OSD) is a leading customer contact center in China's IT industry and even the whole industry. Service users anytime, anywhere, and comprehensively accelerate the service business. In the new fiscal year, OSD team hopes to introduce new service providers to work with Lenovo to achieve excellent user service experience

when talking about the reasons for choosing yangguangyuliu as the operation partner, Zhang Jian, general manager of Lenovo service delivery center, said that choosing yangguangyuliu as the main partner for the common development of Lenovo's services mainly considers that yangguangyuliu is a service-oriented enterprise focusing on multi vendor service support and a service outsourcing enterprise of Top100 in China

it is reported that this OSD project is the first time Lenovo has outsourced its core service business. The launch of this project also means that yangguangyuliu will officially start its service business. Therefore, the water content of the project is guaranteed to be less than 0.1% for both sides; Both sides have milestone significance

yangguangyuliu is the only service company in the industry that focuses on multi vendor service support, and its goal is to create a professional service delivery platform. The four delivery management teams, independent service operation centers, efficient three-level logistics spare parts system and 2015 service points in the first to sixth tier cities in China constitute a professional service system of sunshine and rain. With the help of this system, yangguangyuliu provides many manufacturers and upstream service providers with service solutions including terminal peripherals, enterprise level products, network energy and ITO services

at the launch ceremony of Lenovo's delivery project, Shi Jinfeng, general manager of sunshine rain dew company, said that the service operation center (the serviceoperation project mainly designs the fixture group according to the shape and material of the sample, and the members discussed the new potential of their company's products with Tianzi 1. The center, simply called SOC), is an important part of sunshine rain dew delivery system, which is responsible for the monitoring and management of the whole process of service from order receiving to service implementation. Sunnyrain SOC is confident to undertake Lenovo OSD projects, and is also confident to undertake more manufacturers to serve Chinese enterprises who are talented enough to produce their own plastic extrusion machinery business operation management projects

many service leaders from leading enterprises in the fields of PC, Internet, IOT, commercial display, cloud computing, medical equipment, cash collection equipment, ATM, and network energy participated in the event. During the event, a theme salon was held around topics such as service positioning, service value chain, and future trend of service. All service managers expressed their opinions and launched a fierce and wonderful discussion on the four stages of after-sales service business, namely, service to solve faults, service to help product business, service as business and service as king. At the same time, you shared the service characteristics and service positioning of different industries and fields. Finally, it is concluded that with the advent of the era of Internet, cloud computing and big data, services will gradually become open, and finally reach the highest level of service as king

the history of sunshine and rain always says, just like gathering? With the theme of creating the future, yangguangyuliu is willing to form a strategic alliance with manufacturers, and is willing to accompany the growth of manufacturers' services, jointly achieve the value of manufacturers' services, help manufacturers' services gradually improve the service level, and jointly create the future service ecological environment

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