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Lenovo Savior y7000 2019 Core i7 15.6 inch i7

this Lenovo Savior y7000 2019 Intel Core i7 199 linoleum tile 5.6 inch game notebook (IH 8g 512g SSD gtx1050 3G IPS) looks good and recommended by the evaluation. After planting this notebook, someone in the back feels great after using it, which is a little lighter and heavier than I thought, but the performance is really good. There is no problem using it now, As long as I know that the maintenance (driving software and hardware) can be used for a long time, I bought it for drawing. This computer has three modes. Only by turning on the "beast mode" can I fully experience this machine. Disadvantages: due to its powerful performance, its heat dissipation is not particularly perfect. I suggest buying a radiator (which is also very cheap)

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I. quotation of Lenovo Savior y7000 2019 activity:

Lenovo Savior y7000 2019 Intel Core i7 15 therefore 6-inch game notebook computer (IH 8g 512g SSD gtx1050 3G IPS) [Lenovo Jianlong, Desheng, Chuanwei and other major vanadium products manufacturers are also 11.11 _5999on hand] high performance Intel 9 generation i7 processor, GTX level game graphics card, backlit keyboard, new upgraded performance

JD price: ¥ 6299.00

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II Lenovo Savior y7000 2019 configuration parameters:

Product Name: Savior y7000

Product number:

Product gross weight: 4.16kg

product origin: Chinese Mainland

System: Windows 10

thickness: 20.0mm-25.0mm

hard disk capacity: 512gb SSD

game performance: chicken eating performance

standby time: less than 5 hours

series: Lenovo savior

bare metal weight: 5kg

screen size: 15.6 inches

graphics card model: gtx1050

color gamut: 45% NTSC

features: full screen, backlit keyboard, PCIe high-speed solid state disk

refresh rate: 60Hz

memory capacity: 8g

video memory capacity: 3G

body material: composite material

processor: Intel i7 standard voltage version

III Comments from other users of Lenovo Savior y7000 2019:

Lenovo Savior y7000 2019 computer has been used for several days. It is very nice, with high appearance, dazzling keyboard lights, and a running score of more than 250000 ldquo; IGBT module rdquo; As the key material of the new energy vehicle energy distribution center, CF lol eats chicken and plays very smoothly. So far, I haven't found any problems. It's good to watch TV and listen to music, and I feel very good. Buy value

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