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How about Lenovo geekpro 2020 10th generation Intel Core i5 designer host? Experience evaluation

Lenovo geekpro 2020 10th generation Intel Core i5 designer game desktop computer host is equipped with if processor and 16g memory, sharing the experience of using it in a certain East Grass for a period of time: the appearance is calm and atmospheric, the chassis is very small, not heavy at all. The boot speed is very fast, and there is no sound at all. The performance configuration can meet my needs. After using it for four hours, I don't feel hot at all. I feel that the heat dissipation performance is also good. As for Lenovo, it is also an old brand. After sales should be no problem

turn to regular users' comments on avoiding energy consumption and see if you regret buying it.

I. Lenovo geekpro 2020 activity price:

second bargain: ¥ 5199.00 [¥ 5699.00] activity quotation link:

II. Lenovo geekpro 2020 configuration parameters:

III. Lenovo geekpro 2020 other users' comments:

chassis appearance: customer service wave wheel needs to be designed, so it is. Well, I applied for a design computer. The configuration of this computer is relatively high, so it is different from other computers we bought before. After receiving it, he is an independent chassis, and the following analysis is carried out one by one:. Then he doesn't deserve it. Well, the monitor and mouse keyboard need to be bought by himself. Then the appearance design is quite good, very simple. At first glance, it is the kind of computer with very strong performance

performance configuration: this type of performance configuration is very high, which is specially used by the designers of our customer service department, so its calculation speed a here we mainly want to explain 1 about the maintenance of the experimental machine in several aspects, 3 the manpower is very good. It's the software that is specially used for large-scale drawing

heat dissipation performance: its chassis is very large. It's not the kind of chassis that says be careful. It's a normal size chassis. Then, the heat dissipation holes are also very large, and the heat dissipation performance is very good

run score evaluation: the so-called test, run score test is very fast. JD check more popular designer host recommendations

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