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Industrial planning and regulation market new energy development is full of momentum

gkong comprehensive report with the development of society, energy has become an important factor restricting the economy. But the warning of the energy crisis has been getting louder and louder. Experts serve the transformation and upgrading of enterprises well. In another 60 years, there will be a shortage crisis of traditional energy sources such as natural gas, oil and coal, which mankind depends on. Therefore, the search for alternative new energy has become a general trend. As a result, a vigorous energy revolution has been launched in the world

new energy deal under the trend of new energy

new energy micro control is mainly aimed at the detection of metals that are only resistant to impact. The instrument source industry is a strategic industry related to energy security, economic security and ecological security. It is also an emerging industry with great market potential, good economic benefits, high growth and strong relevance. It is a revolution that touches the traditional industrialized production mode and lifestyle on the basis, It has triggered the transformation of contemporary human life and production mode. In order to occupy this commanding height, countries all over the world are fighting for it

the field of new energy is regarded as the engine driving a new round of U.S. economic growth. The Obama administration plans to invest $150billion within 10 years, focusing on smart electricity, energy conservation and efficiency, and the development and utilization of renewable energy, accounting for 60% of its total energy investment. In addition, leading enterprises in relevant industries in the United States have paid high attention to the new energy deal in the United States, and multinational companies such as IBM and Siemens have invested in smart electricity business

Pay more attention to wiping during the rainy season

the Ministry of economy, trade and industry of Japan recently released the 2009 annual energy report (energy white paper 2010), and pointed out that in order to ensure the stable supply of energy, Japan needs to focus on the development of solar and wind power generation. In addition to introducing the current situation of the introduction of renewable energy such as solar energy and wind power in major countries, the white paper also focuses on the comparison of energy security guarantees for countries to provide necessary energy at acceptable prices. The effect and forecast of renewable energy introduction in Japan cannot be compared with other developed countries

the percentage of twists and turns of Olger, Secretary of state of the Federal Ministry of economy and technology of Germany, changed from 8% to 43%. William said: in the next few decades, Germany will implement the policy of developing multiple energy sources at the same time, develop Germany's energy in a balanced manner with a mixed energy mode, and vigorously advocate the development of renewable energy. Germany plans to increase energy efficiency by 1.5% annually from 2000 to 2030, and reduce its consumption of fossil fuels by 15% by 2030 from 2005

the subsidy policy adopted by the Indian government has increased its support for new energy. It is estimated that the renewable energy market in India will reach US $19billion from 2008 to 2012. The Indian government has planned to subsidize US $1billion in funds to support the development of the new energy system. In addition, India also adopts a variety of incentive systems to encourage the use of renewable energy for power generation

from 2009 to 2010, the French government will allocate 1billion euros (1 euro or about US $1.27) to establish a renewable heat fund, which is mainly used to promote the diversification of heating resources in public buildings, industry and the tertiary industry, including solar, geothermal and wood heating. In terms of geothermal energy utilization, the government plans to increase the total amount of geothermal energy utilization by five times by 2020, so that 2million households can use this energy for heating

China has come ahead of the United States in the development of new energy, with the world's first installed hydropower, the world's first utilization scale of solar water heaters, the world's first under construction scale of nuclear power, and the world's first growth rate of installed wind power. The upcoming "development plan of emerging energy industry" includes not only the development of wind energy, hydropower and nuclear power, but also the upgrading of traditional energy. The cumulative increase in investment is up to 5trillion yuan, and the annual output value will increase by 1.5 trillion yuan. By 2020, coal consumption will be significantly reduced, 7.8 million tons of sulfur dioxide emissions will be reduced, and 1.2 billion tons of carbon dioxide emissions will be reduced

entanglement between industry and technology

according to the introduction, the development planning of emerging energy industry includes: the development and utilization of new and renewable energy such as advanced nuclear energy, wind energy, solar energy, biomass energy, geothermal energy, unconventional natural gas, and the specific implementation path, development scale, and policy measures of the industrialized application of new energy technologies such as clean coal, smart electricity, distributed energy, and new energy for vehicles

analysts believe that in the next few decades, China's economy will maintain rapid growth, and the demand for energy will continue to surge. However, the use of traditional energy faces many problems such as environmental pollution, and vigorously developing new energy is the general trend

however, new energy is an area with large investment, long cycle, strong inertia and exclusive characteristics. It is not only an economic and commercial resource, but also a political and strategic resource. If the industry is developed too fast or blindly, and the technology does not keep up, we can only rely on the continuous import of technology and equipment, which is bound to occupy the technological development space of our country, so that some of our innovative technologies can never be applied, and it is possible to change from the shortage of fossil energy resources to the shortage of new energy technologies

Chen Yong, President of the Guangzhou Branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said that we should pay attention to the fact that technology and industry are two concepts. If we develop the industry too fast under immature conditions, it may eventually lead to new backwardness in the field of new energy

it is thought-provoking that there is overcapacity in wind power in the field of new energy, and the wind power manufacturing industry has entered a strange circle. The enthusiasm of social investment in wind power is very high, and the production capacity has increased year by year, but it is very difficult for the produced wind power to enter the power, resulting in a great waste. Although wind energy is not surplus, the technology of wind power can not keep up with the development of the industry, resulting in overcapacity in the whole wind power manufacturing industry

the new energy industry is falling into a double dilemma of new manufacturing and old pattern. Behind the fanatical investment in wind power equipment and polysilicon is the repeated construction of the low-level and low technology threshold of the new energy industry chain. The momentum of blind expansion must be vigilant. Once the new energy foam bursts, the social impact will be no less than the bursting of the real estate foam. Without industrial planning, curbing blind investment, guiding structural adjustment, paying no attention to technological research and development, and strengthening talent training, China's new energy industry will never grow. Therefore, new energy needs to be accumulated and developed. Technology and market go hand in hand

setbacks in the overseas market of new energy

according to the latest research of Bloomberg new energy finance, although the export volume of China's new energy equipment and products continues to grow, at present, it seems that there are still a lot of obstacles for China's wind turbines to enter the U.S. market on a large scale. In the trade between China and the United States, possible protectionist measures may offset the market opportunities of new energy and increase the cost of clean energy power generation in both countries

the reasons include: on the one hand, after the financial crisis, the United States began to pay attention to the development of its new energy industry and cultivate its equipment manufacturers to stimulate economic growth, which may reduce the output of imported wind power generation equipment; On the other hand, American new energy enterprises are worried about the quality of some wind turbines produced in China, so they are also cautious about the import volume

According to the report, in 2009, China's investment in renewable energy market ranked first in the world, reaching US $34.6 billion, about twice that of the United States. It is expected that by 2020, China's investment in renewable energy market will account for 24% of the global renewable energy market investment

looking at the development of the global new energy industry, it is not all plain sailing. In foreign countries, there are also many losses caused by improper policy guidance. However, some governments have successfully turned crises into opportunities through flexible policy guidance and market mechanisms

for example, with the support of the wind and solar photovoltaic industries, the Spanish government will reduce subsidies for renewable energy by reducing tariffs, delaying the implementation of incentives and other measures to help solve the problem of losses caused by excessive support raised by analysts. It is understood that Spain will reduce the incentives provided to wind energy projects by 35% before January 1, 2013, which will save about 1.3 billion euros

through the development of new energy, France has gradually explored a new development model, which not only gradually got rid of the dependence on traditional energy, but also obtained huge economic benefits. The total investment in research and development will reach 1billion euros. The development of renewable energy has created huge business opportunities for French enterprises and provided a large number of jobs. It is estimated that 200000 to 300000 jobs will be created in France by 2020

in a word, while stimulating the domestic market with 5trillion yuan, the government should also escort China's new energy products. At the same time, we should innovate the new energy utilization mode. In terms of strategic thinking, we should launch the new energy development strategy and countermeasures that are demand-oriented and centered on the innovation of new energy utilization mode, formulate standards, strictly control them, and guide the rapid and healthy development of the new energy industry. (hard rock)

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