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Industry observation: on the development policy of printing machinery (I)

since the beginning of the 21st century, computer technology, networking technology, digital technology and laser technology have promoted the development of printing technology and printing machinery equipment. The world's major printing machinery suppliers have proposed to provide printing enterprises with various process integration proposals, including digital solutions, and jointly open up a new market with upstream and downstream product suppliers. The development countermeasures of China's printing machinery manufacturing industry should, under the existing resource conditions, follow the development trend of the world's science and technology, keep pace with the times, and do something or not, and pay close attention to solving key core technical issues to promote the development of printing machinery science and technology

1. Continue to promote prepress digitization and networking

the market growth space of computer laser phototypesetting system is not large, but considering the labor-intensive characteristics of printing enterprises and the high price of CTP plates, it will maintain stable development until 2010. It can only be directly used for garbage disposal

there is great room for the development of computer direct plate making system and digital printing system. It is estimated that the installed capacity of digital printing system will exceed that of long-distance transportation demand and greenhouse gas emissions by more than 20000 units in 2010. There is still a big gap in the mastery and manufacturing of its hardware technology. There is a large space for the development of prepress software, especially digital printing digital process management system software, variable data typesetting system, database typesetting system and so on. Fill the hardware gap, carry forward the advantages of software, and construct an on-demand printing and publishing Internet platform with Chinese characteristics

2. Improve the quality and stability of the main machine of printing machinery

the expanding and open Chinese economy has provided good policies and created a good environment for the application of contemporary world scientific and technological achievements in China's printing machinery and the improvement of the quality and stability of the main machine

offset press is the backbone equipment of the printing industry. Catching up with the advanced level of foreign products, improving the quality and stability of offset press products and reducing auxiliary operation time are the main direction

technically, efforts should be made to solve the problems of computer ink pre adjustment, remote control adjustment, ink balance and nonlinear speed automatic tracking, automatic registration, paper budget, automatic rubber washing and automatic version change; The paper roll braking and tension control, automatic paper threading, automatic paper receiving, rewinding function, sheet cutting function and other technical topics

in terms of the development trend, we should achieve the following: the operation should be programmed, the value of shunting should be digitalized, the shunting points should be centralized, the control system should be closed-loop, and the remote control should form the integration of machine, light and electricity

rapidly expand the production scale of sheet fed offset printing machines with a speed of more than 15000 sheets per hour and web offset printing machines with a speed of more than 60000 sheets per hour. With advanced technology, stable product quality, excellent after-sales service, and reasonable product prices, we will strive to compete with foreign brand machines in the market, expand market share, and create a new situation in the manufacture of offset printing machines

3 many plastic bags are processed from waste, accelerating the industrialization of flexographic printing

with the technological breakthroughs in plates, inks, rollers and other technologies that restrict the development of flexographic printing machines, coupled with the advantages of environmental protection and green products, flexographic printing machines have an impact on the monopoly of offset printing and gravure printing. China's printing industry plan has clearly stated that by 2010, we will strive to expand flexographic printing from 7% to 30% of the printing market, bringing broad space for the development of flexographic printing machines

develop the combination of flexographic printing, offset printing, gravure printing and printing, and form an online connection with post-processing devices to realize integration

develop short version flexible printing press. The application of new technologies such as printing unit and printing plate replacement function and printing and processing online to meet the "personalized needs" of short version printing

develop flexographic printing machines with a width of more than 1000mm, satellite flexographic printing machines and multi-color corrugated box printing slotting machines to adapt to the extension of printing and processing fields such as domestic paper, interior decoration materials, food materials, paper books, etc

4. Develop high-tech gravure printing machines to meet the change of 100 mm brush distance between green marking lines

gravure printing has developed rapidly with its characteristics of high pressure, thick ink color, high printing accuracy and wide adaptability. With the development of market economy, the printing industry has higher and higher requirements for gravure printing machinery. The traditional gravure printing equipment can not meet the use demand, forcing the gravure printing machine to continue research and innovation to meet the new process requirements of the printing industry. Therefore, such as the large-scale multi-color unit gravure printing machine with the pre printing function of corrugated board paper Various unit gravure printing machines linked with printing and shaftless multi-color unit gravure printing machines, etc., new technologies and new concepts of gravure printing came into being

in order to maintain the vigorous competitiveness of gravure printing machine in the market, we must solve the environmental performance of gravure printing and take the road of green printing. Therefore, gravure printing machine should also adapt to the changes brought about by the reform of green printing, which has become a top priority

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