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The live broadcast of Mitsubishi Institute of electrical automation is coming.

from February 25, Mitsubishi Institute of electrical automation officially opened

with your attention and support, the courses are becoming richer and richer, the number of audiences is increasing, and many valuable opinions and suggestions have been received! At present, the courses that have been broadcast include: industrial robots, new products of iq-f series fx5uj and safety expansion module, CC link ie TSN, solution interpretation of the medical industry, q series PLC application, network frequency converter e800, melcervo-j, especially 5 new drive solutions for the modified plastic industry

warm tips: you can watch playback with the same link

Mitsubishi Electric live broadcast course not only involves rich product explanations, including control products, frequency converters, servo systems, CNC numerical control systems, discharge machining machines and laser processing machines, but also sets up application sharing in many industries, including semiconductor industry, automotive industry, packaging industry and tissue industry

the recent live broadcast of the industry live broadcast course is basically fixed on every Wednesday. Welcome to the live broadcast room to have a close communication with the lecturer

schedule of live broadcast of recent industry application courses


selected courses of fatec

live broadcast for free within a limited time

during the epidemic period, Mitsubishi Institute of electrical automation conducted a limited time free live broadcast on the popular quality courses under the fatec line, which are the most popular ones because of the strong interaction between starch macromolecules. Among them, the Q series PLC application (three lectures in total, which have been broadcast live, and you can watch the playback), and the live broadcast time of the recent fatec selected courses has been set (see the table below)

Mitsubishi Electric fatec training

is a technical training service provided to customers. The courses include the training of various products of Mitsubishi Electric automation company. Engineers with rich on-site commissioning experience serve as lecturers to explain on site, and a large number of training equipment are prepared for students to practice on site

recent preview of live broadcast of machining machine products

Mitsubishi electric machine products

are famous for their precision machining ability and automation level

from March 31

Mitsubishi electric discharge machining machine, laser machining machine

and automatic sorting system will be broadcast and explained respectively

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