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Zhejiang Jiaxing paper packaging material industry planning

the packaging material industry takes environmental friendly and low-cost green paper packaging materials as the core, consolidates the force (load) attenuation rate (range) set in the editing experimental scheme, improves the advantageous position of high-grade paperboard in the country, and focuses on the development of three major categories of products: high-grade paperboard, special paper, and paper products

we should adhere to the path of circular economy, strictly implement the mechanism of sewage treatment and waste recycling, strengthen the audit of cleaner production, comprehensively promote the resource conservation and comprehensive utilization of energy, water and material conservation, strengthen the development of new products and technologies of paper and paper products, improve product added value, enhance industrial competitiveness, and build a circular economy demonstration base for the paper packaging material industry in the growth triangle

paperboard should strictly follow the principles of sewage treatment and waste recycling, restrict the elimination of small-scale and polluting enterprises and production processes, speed up technological transformation and cleaner production audit, take Ji'an paper as the starting point to promote the construction of innovation platform and demonstration industry high-strength corrugated board project, and focus on the development of high-strength low gram kraft paper and kraft liner paper, high-strength corrugated paper, coated white board paper and white board, Speed up the construction process of the production line of the 1.2 million ton/year high-strength corrugated paper project of Zhejiang Rongcheng paper industry in Dushan Port Area, and consolidate and enhance the dominant position of kraft board and corrugated paper in the Yangtze River Delta

special paper should be oriented towards high-tech content, high added value and low pollution, and focus on the development of industrial paper. We have seen that covestro is serious and persistent in seeking innovation and details, and high-end special paper products such as tipping paper and information paper; From selling paper products by ton to selling paper products by piece, we will focus on developing green and environmental friendly high-end packaging paper, printing products, paper instead of wood, paper instead of plastic and other green and environmental friendly packaging paper products, and actively introduce circular economy demonstration projects

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