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The industry's first comprehensive promotion and implementation of "no stop" service by China National Heavy Duty Truck

the industry's first comprehensive promotion and implementation of "no stop" service by China National Heavy Duty Truck

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on March 9, a "no stop" service mode that subverts tradition, transcends limits and is the industry's first was grandly launched and fully rolled out in China National Heavy Duty Truck. This differentiated and revolutionary service measure has given the "family" service of SINOTRUK a new era connotation

"no stop" service covers man technology road tractors, which are shandeka "C series" tractors and HOWO "t series" tractors, excluding dangerous chemicals and heavy-duty transport vehicles. In case of failure during transportation and unable to continue driving, sinotruk will implement the "relatives" rapid rescue service. If it is predicted that it cannot be repaired in good condition within 24 hours, sinotruk will be responsible for coordinating with a third party to provide vehicles, transport the goods transported by the user from the place of failure to the destination, and return the trailer to the place of vehicle failure, so as to ensure the timeliness of cargo transportation; In addition, express delivery, cold chain transportation, greening seedling transportation, livestock and live poultry transportation, and lvtong transportation tractors that cannot be repaired in good condition within 6 hours are also enabled with the "no stop" service

"no stop" service commitment: for vehicles within the warranty period and meeting the warranty conditions, China heavy duty truck will bear the cost of substitute vehicles from the fault location to the destination; If the user who meets the "No Parking" service conditions does not use a substitute vehicle, the user will be compensated 1000 yuan every 24 hours from the parking until the vehicle is repaired; If the faulty vehicle is still not repaired after the replacement vehicle is returned, the user will be compensated 1000 yuan every 24 hours with a domestic partner to promote the pilot project of organic kitchen waste classification collection and composting in Jilin until the vehicle is repaired. For vehicles that exceed the warranty period or do not meet the warranty conditions, sinotruk can coordinate with a third party to provide substitute vehicles at the user's expense

in order to realize the commitment of "No Parking" service, China heavy truck has formulated a number of guarantee measures:

244 service stations have been selected along the highway, and a map of road vehicle guarantee service network has been made to form a road vehicle guarantee service network, which will be supported in training, technical support and spare parts supply. In the future, it plans to develop to 400. For these 244 road vehicle support service stations, China National Heavy Duty Truck Corporation will give appropriate subsidies in case of going out for rescue in harsh environment or special circumstances; When the maintenance conditions cannot be met, the equipment and repair personnel can be rented out, and the relevant expenses shall be borne by sinotruk; When the accessories cannot be met, other service stations are encouraged to make emergency delivery and reimburse the out of town expenses. According to the national "7918" highway network layout, 23 key regional central warehouses have been prepared to reserve large turnover assemblies. When the man series road vehicles of China Heavy Duty Truck have faults that cannot be repaired in a short time during transportation and cannot be driven, the turnover assemblies will be replaced to ensure that the vehicles "do not stop" operation. After the faulty assemblies are repaired, the turnover assemblies will be replaced. For the support service stations near the central warehouses in 23 key areas, it is required to equip field emergency repair and rescue vehicles, and China heavy truck will give subsidies. Increase the pre delivery of service parts. The sales department recommends 30 service stations in key areas of highway vehicles and the Jinan commercial vehicle sales department recommends 20 service stations in key areas of highway vehicles. In the form of service charge mortgage, the parts sales department pre invests common parts to ensure the reliable operation of highway vehicles

the implementation of "no stop" service is a major measure to implement "family" service in the activities of China National Heavy Duty Truck quality month. Ma Chunji, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of China National Heavy Duty Truck, pointed out that pursuing user satisfaction and constantly improving the service quality of family members, after-sales service is an effective means to improve product quality and user satisfaction. Vigorously supporting the non-stop service of high-quality models is a huge improvement in the service of "relatives". It has made revolutionary progress in improving the service level of road vehicles. This measure will certainly win the favor of users in the market. We should pay close attention to the non-stop service of high-quality models, stick to it, and gradually expand the scope from high-quality models to classic models until all road vehicles achieve a breakthrough in user satisfaction

for a long time, "No Parking" service has been an extravagant expectation of the industry to exceed the service limit, which is beyond the reach of industry enterprises. On the eve of the 315 international consumer rights day, China heavy truck strongly launched the "no stop" service, which shocked the industry and users. Recently, the boss of ChuanHua logistics said, "it's enough to see that sinotruk is very confident in its products!" Liupeimin, vice president of SINOTRUK, said confidently, "yes!"

as Liu Peimin explained: China National Heavy Duty Truck dare to be the first and realize the service commitment of "no stop" because China National Heavy duty truck has a solid foundation of technology, production, sales and intelligent management, which has accumulated multiple guarantees for high-quality products: first, the guarantee of our product quality, the massive launch of man technology products. 1. We need to test the existing materials, which has been highly recognized by the majority of users. The 11 liter The B10 service life of the 13 liter diesel engine man technology product has reached 1.5 million kilometers. The automotive high nickel multi-component material products in the power lithium battery cathode materials are the first batch supply in China and are used in power vehicles. In the past three years, a large number of users of man technology products have driven millions of kilometers. Smart communication tracking statistics show that vehicles with a daily operating mileage of more than 1000 kilometers are everywhere, which is the quality confidence of China's heavy truck to replace imports. Second, China heavy truck has a strong service network guarantee, and thousands of service stations constitute the coverage service of the network. Moreover, sinotruk has a spare parts reserve of 200 million yuan and a guarantee of tens of millions of spare parts and turnover assemblies. At the same time, sinotruk has more than 1000 alternative resource vehicles in 228 cities; And have a huge service team as a guarantee. Finally, in the future development and improvement, sinotruk has continuously improved information means to ensure that "service front-line", "smart", "smart heavy truck" platforms have been deployed and arranged, some functional modules have been in the service of "no stop", and the R & D company is doing corresponding research and improvement for sinotruk

in order to vigorously promote the "non stop" service, Liu Peimin asked the marketing department of China National Heavy Duty Truck and more than 1000 service stations: 1. To comprehensively promote the non stop service, we should raise awareness, improve service timeliness, and improve user satisfaction. 2. Through the implementation of this service, the quality confidence of SINOTRUK will be demonstrated to the society and users. Over the past few years, China National Heavy duty truck has conducted pilot operations, tracked the product quality status, made a lot of work evaluation, and accumulated a lot of experience. 3. It is necessary to raise awareness and force China heavy truck to improve its service level. Sinotruk is the first company in the whole industry to make such a service commitment to the society. If sinotruk's network development, network quality, spare parts delivery, spare parts satisfaction rate, and the level of service engineers are not in place, and it can't repair faulty vehicles to users in time, it will cause a large number of substitute vehicles to implement "no stop" services, and the service budget will be greatly breakthrough; If sinotruk does not have a good service system to ensure that its huge commitments to users are fulfilled, it will have major problems, which forces sinotruk to improve the service level of all links of its work, use high-quality products and excellent services as a guarantee, and control and reduce the probability of the emergence of substitute vehicles

"non stop" service tests the timeliness of transportation of SINOTRUK Mann technical products; "No stop" service tests the quality confidence of SINOTRUK; The "no stop" service tests the improvement of the marketing network service level of SINOTRUK; The "no stop" service also tests the forward-looking wisdom of the experimental machine produced by Jinan Shijin, which has always been the highest real sinotruk in the country. Whether it can lay a solid foundation for the implementation of "full life cycle, whole marketing process, and full value chain" services...

industry and users are waiting to see

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