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Industry Outlook: Shandong, a major province of glass bottle packaging production, has developed more than 170 new products in recent years, and the number of product users has increased from more than 800 to 1200. Shandong has a large scale of downstream products supporting glass packaging. The output of Baijiu, beer and wine ranks first in the same industry in China, and the pharmaceutical and soft drink industries are also very developed. Moreover, with the improvement of living standards, the demand for these products is increasing as the country tries to reduce production through coal. The pull of downstream products will promote the development of glass packaging. In addition, Shandong Province is rich in raw materials, fuels, coal, heavy oil, quartz sand, soda ash and other glass raw materials, which can be locally sourced at a low cost

Shandong glass packaging enterprises constantly adjust the application of technology according to the changes of the market, and speed up the pace of structural adjustment by relying on technological progress. Shandong Province has adopted new technologies and materials to transform or build a batch of glass tank furnaces and a new batch of molding inspection equipment. Among them, 22 sets of molding inspection equipment with international level have been introduced, and 7 enterprises including Yantai Changyu, Yantai zhongcao, Gaomi glass, Rizhao glass, Shandong Huapeng, Shandong Pharmaceutical glass and Qingdao Jinghua have introduced them. Shandong Huapeng, Xintai glass, Qingdao Jinghua and Yantai zhongcao also introduced 7 inspection machines. Qingdao Jinghua Glass has introduced the most equipment, including 3 double drop bottle making machines in 8 groups, 1 double drop bottle making machine in 10 groups and 1 inspection machine

these projects have been completed and put into operation, which has effectively promoted the adjustment of the industrial product structure. The neutral low aluminum borosilicate glass bottle developed by Shandong Pharmaceutical glass company recently fills the gap in this field in China. Its price is nearly 10 times that of ordinary glass bottles. The product performance fully meets the requirements of the United States Pharmacopoeia and the European Pharmacopoeia, and the product quality has reached the international advanced level, making China the third country in the world that can successfully manufacture neutral low aluminum borosilicate glass bottles. Shandong Huapeng invested 23million yuan to introduce the world's advanced level of Italian BDF company (source: Huaxia Wine News, China wine industry new Bayer Material Technology Exhibition, ecological balance, hard bubble smell) eight level electronic timing bottle making machine and three French automatic inspection machines. The project is equipped with internationally advanced small mouth pressure blowing device, and the product quality can reach the level of similar international products, which can replace the imported high-end small packaging bottles. After the project is put into operation, the profit can be increased by 9.8 million yuan

due to considerable investment in technological transformation and accurate product positioning, the company has significantly accelerated the pace of product structure adjustment and new product development. In recent years, more than 170 new products have been developed, and the number of product users has increased from more than 800 to 1200

the development of leading glass packaging enterprises is more representative for the whole industry. As the leader of domestic pharmaceutical glass packaging enterprises, Shandong Pharmaceutical Glass Co., Ltd. has more than 70% of the domestic market share of molded antibiotic bottles. Shandong Pharmaceutical Glass attaches great importance to technological transformation, and has successively launched four new molding antibiotic bottle production lines and one additional single tube production line, including one introduced from Emhart company. All these projects have been put into operation; The capacity of molded antibiotic bottles increased by 2.03 billion, including 6.3 billion high-end bottles, and the output of glass tubes increased by 6000 tons. In 2006, the company invested another 70million yuan to build a new project of 500million butyl rubber stoppers and 300million aluminum-plastic composite bottle caps. At present, the project is being introduced. The large-scale investment has significantly enhanced the strength of the company. Last year, the sales revenue, total profits and taxes, and profits all ranked first in the same industry in China

Qingdao Jinghua makes full use of its own technology, equipment and capital advantages to vigorously develop new products and reduce the production of 640ml ordinary beer bottles. Develop and produce small capacity beer bottles, beverage bottles and wine bottles of various specifications. At the same time, it can automatically draw marks on the form, strengthen the export work of products, and improve the added value of products. At present, the company's export products are in short supply. The company drives the adjustment of product structure through technological progress, and the structural adjustment brings about the improvement of economic benefits

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