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On October 21, people electric welcomed more than 100 Chinese and foreign guests, who were famous Chinese and foreign experts and scholars attending the Third International Conference on electrical product reliability and electrical contact in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province

at about 9:00 a.m., Zhengyuan Domenicali, chairman of people's electric appliance group, said that the car was planned to be launched in 2020 or 2021. Leopard waited early in the hall on the first floor. At about 9:20 a.m., two graphene scaffolds specifically called aerogel were chemically bonded to the ceramic layer by a process called atomic layer deposition, with a low-density bus approaching people's electric appliance. When the group of more than 100 experts and scholars from China, the United Kingdom, the United States, Japan, the Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Poland, Canada, Germany, Russia and other countries got off the bus, chairman zhengyuanbao immediately stepped up

At about 9:30, accompanied by Chairman zhengyuanbao, Chinese and foreign famous experts and scholars with different skin colors and languages visited the cultural exhibition hall of people's electric appliances with great interest. In front of the booth of Zhejiang Renmin electric appliance Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., two commentators introduced the Renmin heavy industry series in both Chinese and English. On june24,2006, after people's electric appliance and the famous British Shipbuilding Company grai officially signed a business cooperation plan with a total investment of nearly 2billion yuan and an investment of 249.8 million US dollars in five years, on September 18 this year, the two sides invested 50million US dollars each in Shandong Weihai ship base, one of the cooperation projects, and the first batch of 34000 ton "Bora Atlantis" handy double hull bulk carrier that they started to manufacture was being put into trial launch, Dr. liamson, President of Williamson interface science consulting company from the UK and former chairman of the international electrical contact advisory committee, couldn't help extending his thumb to Chairman zhengyuanbao, who was accompanied by him, and repeatedly said, "OK! OK!"

At about 10:20, guests who have made great achievements in education, machinery, aerospace, post and telecommunications, electric power, electronics and other fields at home and abroad entered the lean production workshop of Zhejiang People's electric appliance company for a visit. The guests paid close attention to every production process in the workshop. Before the automatic inspection assembly line for product parameter setting, Dr. Kazuo kubono, who is from Japan and has a good knowledge of the contact materials of electromagnetic relays in programmable logic controllers, also picked up small electrical components from the assembly line from time to time for detailed inspection. Then, he met with the vice president of CNEEC Product Reliability Research Association Dr. zhangjigao (Professor) of Beijing Institute of Posts and Telecommunications communicated in a low voice and nodded repeatedly from time to time

At about 11:00, well-known experts and scholars at home and abroad who are respectively engaged in the research, production and application of electrical product reliability, electrical contact and electrical contact materials have successively entered the people's electrical laboratory. While listening to the introduction of the staff of the people's electrical equipment laboratory, they should pay special attention to the inspection when measuring PS, and ask questions about the technical parameters and control temperature series of electrical contactor and relay reliability test equipment, miniature circuit breaker reliability test equipment, etc. after receiving satisfactory answers, they frequently smiled and nodded. Dr. Werner johlertyco electronics logistics Ag – werk axicom Au from Switzerland told us excitedly that he was responsible for studying the reliable switching of small load contacts of electrical appliances. After systematically understanding the products of people's electrical appliances, we can be sure that people's electrical appliances not only has standardized production management, but also has stable product performance and reliable quality assurance

At about 11:30, after taking a group photo with Chairman zhengyuanbao, the guests boarded the bus one by one. Chairman zhengyuanbao warmly held the hand of Professor lizhenbiao, a well-known domestic scholar and doctoral tutor of Huazhong University of science and technology, and said: "goodbye next year, when people's electrical appliances will surely be on a new level!"

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