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The masses suggested that legislation should be enacted to regulate the employment of foreigners in China. The Standing Committee of the National People's Congress recently released the full text of the draft employment promotion law to the public for extensive comments. Some people put forward in their opinions that relevant provisions on the employment of foreigners in China should be added to this draft law, so as to provide a legal basis for better regulating the employment of foreigners in China and protecting the full employment of Chinese citizens in the future

the person who put forward this proposal explained his reasons:

-- with the deepening of China's reform and opening up, especially after China's accession to the WTO, a large number of foreign-invested enterprises have entered China to invest and build factories, bringing some foreign workers, mainly responsible for senior management, technical engineering and other businesses. In recent years, some foreign-funded enterprises have begun to place foreigners in positions of ordinary managers and technicians

-- support policies for private enterprises have been issued in various parts of China, and the scale of private enterprises has been growing. Some enterprises need to hire foreigners to engage in management, technology, marketing and other work for the reason that they hope to be helpful to business development. This shows that China objectively needs to regulate the employment of foreigners by enterprises through legislation Bearing work behavior to meet the new needs of economic development

-- there has been a shortage of ordinary workers, especially ordinary women workers, in China's coastal areas. Some enterprises intend to recruit some ordinary workers from abroad, which should be regulated by law

- not dark colored or calcium carbonate filled polyolefins - it is an international common practice to regulate foreigners' work in their own countries through legislation. China should also regulate the employment of foreigners in China in the employment promotion law

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