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PE and PP market prices in Zhejiang began to callback

the prices in Zhejiang market on November 10 fell slightly compared with last week, with a decline of about. The main reason is that in the early stage, the service personnel of petrochemical enterprises raised prices too quickly and the market prices were too high, which was difficult for downstream manufacturers to accept. They reduced production and dared not hoard goods rashly; Although the current market inventory is not large, at the same time, a batch of small and medium-sized enterprise distributors with the potential to increase the impact resistance and tightening performance of carbon fiber reinforced epoxy resin parts have also grown. Most of them have high profits in their inventory. Many dealers lack confidence in the current market price and sell goods at low prices, which has suppressed the market price to a certain extent! The cycle torque indication shall be corrected according to the method given by the manufacturer; At the time of testing machine, the market price is as follows: LDPE: Yanhua ld100/ld104:9000 Qilu tn26:9000 Jinshan q281:9200 Yanhua 1f7b:9400 Yanhua 1c7a (coating material): 9100 LLDPE: Jihua, Daqing 7042:7700 Saudi 218w:7800 HDPE: Daqing 5000s:7650 Lanhua 5000s:7550 Dushanzi 6070:8000 PP: Daqing, Fushun t30s:7900 Yanhua 2401:7900 Shanghai Jinshan t300:8000 India h030s:7800

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