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People's requirements for packaging bags are increasing day by day

now in the packaging field, people's requirements for packaging level are increasing day by day, the demand for commodity packaging boxes (such as cartons, wooden boxes) and packaging bags is increasing, the requirements for commodity packaging bags are also increasing, and the requirements for the use value of packaging bags are also increasing. At present, the rapid growth of the output value of the packaging industry highlights the huge development prospect of the packaging industry

according to the report of Cleveland industry market research company, the global demand for plastic packaging bags will grow at an annual rate of 6.2%, and the total market demand will reach US $37.3 billion by 2018. The increase of this value is caused by the traditional consumption preference of consumers and producers. The market prefers the traditional Polaris, a high-performance brand of Volvo car group, in the form of MPA plastic packaging, which can be said to be a kind of market consumption inertia. In China and other developing countries where the market is expanding at a high speed, the expansion of the production scale of packaging bags and the increasing market demand for plastic doors and windows instead of ordinary metal doors and windows in heating areas are complementary. The report shows that by 2018, the market revenue in the Asia Pacific region is expected to be the highest. Among them, food packaging (especially beverage packaging) and drug packaging will be the two main growth poles

on the other hand, the continuous improvement of the portability and sense of design of the packaging itself has also promoted the market demand. For example, people's requirements for gift packaging are also increasing day by day: in more developed countries, taking Japan and South Korea as examples, the base of packaging consumer groups remains stable; In highly industrialized regions, for example, central and South America, the demand for packaging continues to grow steadily; The most mature packaging market is North America and Western Europe, for example, with the demand rising trend exceeding the expected ratio; The most potential packaging markets that must be mentioned include China, Thailand and India. With the progress of science and technology, the strong demand has driven the productivity of the entire packaging market

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