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People talk about: how to open up international trade routes for China's printing and packaging industry (II)

according to people's reports, the processing fee for Guangdong Province to undertake overseas business in 2006 has reached nearly 40billion yuan

through what channels do printing enterprises in Guangdong go global? How to obtain overseas orders? General large printing enterprises, especially Hong Kong businessmen, have resident offices in Europe and the United States. For example, Artus has offices overseas all the year round, and orders for several years follow. Zhangxingrong introduced at the symposium

in the industry, people often use "front store and back factory" to describe the business model of Hong Kong's foreign-funded enterprises that adhere to the effect of clean initiators. Since the 1980s and 1990s, many Hong Kong funded printing enterprises have used Hong Kong as a fixture: we recommend using a 3-point zigzag loading device to evaluate rigid and semi-rigid materials. At the same time, the supporting span (size) of the sample is related to the thickness of the sample. It is the order receiving, design and contact center, and the Pearl River Delta as the production and processing base. At present, the production bases of these Hong Kong funded printing enterprises in the mainland have become the main export force of China's printing industry

many Hong Kong funded enterprises have set up overseas production bases and offices all over the world to undertake outsourcing orders; There are production bases in the Pearl River Delta and even the mainland to engage in production and processing. On the one hand, the establishment of overseas offices can more directly communicate with foreign customers, making the company and customers more smooth in the contact, order receiving, production, delivery and other links; On the other hand, it also helps to understand and grasp consumers' preferences and culture, so as to help customers make accurate market positioning and make products meet consumers' needs

for example, Guangdong Heshan yatushi Printing Co., Ltd., one of the largest printing enterprises in Asia, has 100% of its products exported, and has not wavered for more than ten years. Its main experience in developing overseas markets is to set up overseas offices. According to public information, Artus has set up overseas business offices in Britain, the United States, Belgium and other countries, and has successively opened three factories in the Pearl River Delta region. As a member of Leo group in Hong Kong, Artus focuses on medium and high-end printed materials. Its products mainly include hardcover books, children's educational books, three-dimensional books, stationery, greeting cards, packaging supplies, cartons, etc., which are exported to Europe, America, Oceania and other parts of the world. In 2006, it achieved an output value of 1.57 billion yuan

another example is Xingguang group and Lijia International Group, which specially participated in this Hong Kong International Printing and packaging exhibition. According to the fourth issue of printing manager this year, Hong Kong starlight group, which was listed in Hong Kong in 1993, has two overseas production bases, starlight printing (Far East) Co., Ltd. and starlight printing (Malaysia) Co., Ltd. in addition, it has set up overseas offices in Los Angeles, New York and London. According to relevant reports on Hong Kong Liga International Group, export orders are its main source of business, accounting for 90% by the end of 2006. Only 10% of the orders are from the mainland, and are concentrated in the Pearl River Delta. Ricardo's main business has been expanded to three major fields: color printing, corrugated cardboard box production and paper product quality production. Its products are distributed in the United States, Europe, Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions

there are also China United business printing (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., which has seven offices in the United States, Britain, France, Japan and Oceania, and has branches in Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai and other places

small and medium-sized enterprises: obtain external orders through exhibitions

large Hong Kong funded printing enterprises obtain orders through setting up overseas production bases or offices. How can small and medium-sized printing enterprises without such great economic strength expand their overseas business? In recent years, printing associations in some provinces and cities have organized member enterprises to participate in various exhibitions in order to obtain orders at home and abroad

participate in the exhibition to develop business

zhangxingrong said: for some small and medium-sized enterprises, Hong Kong International Printing and packaging exhibition is a good platform. She said: I think Hong Kong, so close to the mainland, can attract so many professional buyers. The organizer has made great efforts to attract buyers. Only when you can attract buyers for exhibitors can the exhibition be successful. Otherwise, no matter how large the scale is, they will not come because they can't do business. She said: last year, our association cooperated with the Provincial Publishing Bureau to organize more than a dozen printing enterprises to go out to participate in the Frankfurt Book Fair under the banner of the strongest printing in China and Guangdong

why Frankfurt? Its booth fee and other expenses can be imagined. Frankfurt Book Fair also faces publications and copyrights, but our printing enterprises have another purpose, that is, to receive external orders

Wangyi from the printing industry management office of Jiangsu Publishing Bureau said: in 2002, Jiangsu Publishing Bureau put forward the "going global" strategy for printing enterprises. In 2004, the company made a brochure of Jiangsu printing resources to introduce excellent printing enterprises in Jiangsu, and distributed pamphlets to publishers at international exhibitions such as Frankfurt Book Fair and Japan book fair, which also had some effects

United Press participated in the book fair

shenweirong objected to the trend of printing enterprises participating in the Frankfurt Book Fair. Shenweirong said: five years ago, I went to the Bookfair (Frankfurt Book Fair) alone for four consecutive years. I sent many business cards and brochures without any feedback. Book fair is not suitable for printing. The book fair is for the copyright transaction of books, which is suitable for publishing houses. The printing purchasing managers of publishing houses will not go to the book fair. If they don't, how can the printing enterprises take orders

he suggested that printing enterprises should carefully study the nature of the exhibition before participating in the exhibition, especially overseas. Of course, the printing enterprises should not participate in the book fair at all. He suggested that the printing enterprises join the publishing house to participate in the book fair. He said: we have a lot of Chinese copyrights hidden in the library. Should we work with the publishing house to translate these books into foreign languages, go to Bookfair and let foreigners buy our books. In this way, publishing houses have copyright output and printing enterprises have jobs

the exhibition should attract more buyers

for the Hong Kong International Printing and packaging exhibition, shenweirong also put forward his own views: we participated in this exhibition last year and this year, and I think it is useful. He also made some suggestions to the organizers. One is to suggest that the organizers put the gift exhibition and the printing and packaging exhibition together to attract more buyers. It is understood that the Hong Kong Gift Show and gift show, known as the largest in Asia and the second largest in the world, are also in the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center in Wanchai. There are free shuttle buses between the two exhibitions. How to attract buyers? In the future, it is best to put the gift exhibition and the Hong Kong printing and packaging exhibition in the same museum. Shenweirong suggested

many people in shenweirong still don't know what graphene is. One of the highlights of Frankfurt Book Fair is that the organizers of the book fair keep track of exhibitors. I went to bootfair five years ago, but so far, the organizers of bootfair have sent me emails every month to introduce the current situation of bootfair, which is a kind of spirit. If there are any new developments in the exhibition, you will go there if there are things that attract you

shenweirong suggested that the organizers of Hong Kong International Printing and packaging exhibition should make the conference catalogue more detailed. Our journal is very simple. It only has the name and address of the enterprise, and there is no business introduction. The Frankfurt Book Fair Catalogue is very detailed with patterns. We are a printing and packaging enterprise. This is the way we print the Conference Journal. Don't say that the exhibition company has opinions, even our exhibitors have opinions

Wangdemao said: the fundamental task of the association is to help enterprises promote the development of the printing industry. Under difficult operating conditions, the association should help enterprises expand the market, reduce costs, make more profits and help enterprises do more outside work. From this point of view, all kinds of exhibitions are platforms. She said: I have been here for three years. The goal is more and more clear and the positioning is more and more clear, but the foam granulator is enlarged. We support this exhibition and mobilize some manufacturers to participate in it. Because this exhibition is our window, through which we can contact with foreign businessmen, which can lead to printing. He also talked about the promotion of awards for printing enterprises to undertake foreign orders. He said: we use exhibitions to help enterprises expand the market. There are two major exhibitions of equipment and equipment: printchina in Guangdong and chinaprint in Beijing. The two exhibitions are in cooperation with China International Exhibition Center, and the sellers are mainly equipment. We have set up a printing boutique in the two major exhibitions. It has been set up in Beijing since 2001. It will be the fourth time in 2005 and 2007. It is called the China Printing boutique exhibition. We have jointly organized the China Printing awards with printing associations (chambers of Commerce) in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macao, and selected excellent products. This award is not just an award, but an international promotion to help members expand the market. Last year, our award-winning works were exhibited on site, and the effect was good. In addition, printing and packaging enterprises obtain external orders through trading companies and business stations

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