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Little is known to the public about the cold measurement of enterprises, which has ensured that the C mark has been equipped with complete sets of testing equipment for many enterprises applying for production licenses. Now, they go to the supermarket to buy goods. At this time, the force measuring pointer of the experimental machine quickly reverses. The public will recognize the products with "inspection free" and "famous brand" marks, but the C mark, as a mark of qualified measurement of quantitatively packed goods, has been ignored by people. A few days ago, we learned from the Provincial Bureau of quality supervision that the national C mark has been implemented for five years, but it has been "stranded" in our province. At present, only two enterprises in our province have obtained the C mark certification

few people know the "C" mark

"the product marked with C is the national unified qualified mark of measurement assurance ability, and C is taken from the first letter of China (China). The quantitatively packaged product marked with C means that there will be no shortage of weight, which is a proof of the accuracy of the net content of the product." Jiamuling, director of the Metrology Department of the Provincial Bureau of quality supervision, said

Jia Muling said that the promotion of mark C can solve the problem of short weight of quantitatively packaged goods from the source, and it is a reassuring sign for consumers

however, during the survey, it was found that both ordinary consumers and relevant personnel in large shopping malls and supermarkets lacked correct understanding of the C sign

"do you know what the capital 'C' in front of the net content means?" In a supermarket, he pointed to the Great Wall dry red wine on the shelf and asked a supermarket staff. "I don't know. It may be a sign of qualified product quality." The supermarket staff answered uncertainly

ask several consumers who are shopping at will. They all know nothing about the C sign

the M2 in China is 47.5 trillion. Only two enterprises in the province have obtained the "C" mark certification (2.0mm); Suzuki (ABP ⑴ 520new

it is precisely because most consumers do not know the C mark and do not have a strong sense of safeguarding their rights, which leads to the cold response of enterprises. According to the statistics provided by the Provincial Bureau of quality supervision, up to now, only two quantitative packaging commodity enterprises in our province, Red Bull beverage and Essen milk, have obtained the C mark certification.

"Since 2002, our province has started to implement the C logo. Although we actively recommend the C logo to enterprises through holding mobilization meetings and door-to-door services, few people are interested in it." Jia Muling said

why do enterprises react coldly

many enterprises feel that it doesn't matter because the C mark is applied for voluntarily by enterprises and is not mandatory. "In fact, the C mark is a symbol of enterprise reputation. Enterprises applying for the C mark can be exempted from inspection when measuring and testing in China." Jia Muling said so

according to the analysis of insiders, the indifference of enterprises to C mark certification reflects their indifference to market rules. However, it was learned during the interview that the enterprise also has its own reasons. The person in charge of a fresh milk enterprise in Haikou said that there are still many national mandatory standards that they have not implemented, and they really do not have the energy to take into account these "icing on the cake" things. As long as the state does not enforce them, they can delay. Anyway, it has little to do with the existence or absence of C mark certification

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