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Qixiang has been using Wanlida a226 for a few days.

Qixiang has been using Wanlida a226 for a few days. A few days ago, the official purchased this malata/Wanli, and issued the notebook dual core 11.6-inch ultra-thin HDMI HD a226 under the condition of other average torque levels. In other words, my feelings and comments on Qixiang's use of Wanlida a226 for a few days are as follows:

at present, the technical concepts of domestic aluminum alloy cables are emerging one after another.

the appearance is OK, It is thin, portable and easy to carry. It is that the blue screen often crashes and the system is difficult to install. When the dynamometer is not installed horizontally, two of the three win7 mirrors cannot be installed! Finally, the third one was installed. A thousand yuan worth of things are almost cost-effective! I hope there will be no problems in the future

it is also the research and production manufacturer of the experimental machine and the user department of the experimental machine

the following is the picture of this Wanlida a226

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