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People's livelihood geology is a new direction for the development of non-ferrous geological exploration recently, the market share increased significantly. The 14th National High Level Forum on the development and reform of non-ferrous metal geological exploration industry was held in Baoji. Renxudong, executive vice president of China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association, and Xuyong, director of development research center of China Geological Survey attended the meeting. Wangjingbin, vice president of China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association and chairman of Geology and mineral resources branch, and sunfeng, director of Northwest Nonferrous Geological Exploration Bureau, presided over the meeting respectively

renxudong briefed the participants on the operation of China's nonferrous metal industry from January to April, and pointed out that since 2012, China's gb17258 geological exploration investment has been declining for consecutive years, and the development of the entire geological exploration industry is facing severe challenges. Nonferrous Geological Prospecting Units actively responded to the challenge, and there was no obvious decline in operation. According to incomplete statistics, in 2016, the total economic income of Nonferrous Geological prospecting units nationwide was 28.6 billion yuan, an increase of 0.2% year-on-year; The profit was 920million yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 2.4%. At the same time, geological exploration continued to make progress. According to incomplete statistics, the National Nonferrous Geological exploration units completed 3107 geological projects in 2016. In 2016, the national non-ferrous geological exploration units added (333) or more mineral resources/reserves (metal quantity): 630000 tons of copper, 5100000 tons of lead and zinc, 422400 tons of tungsten, 14000 tons of tin, 710000 tons of molybdenum, 18000 tons of nickel, 530000 tons of antimony, 13600 tons of beryllium, 26300 tons of vanadium, 38.78 million tons of bauxite (ore quantity), and gold 212. China's plastic machinery enterprises have increased their efforts to open up emerging markets for extruders in recent years 57 tons, silver 4780.18 tons

there are new trends in the reform of geological prospecting units. In 2016, the classification of public institutions in most provinces was basically completed. A small number of non-ferrous geological prospecting units returned to the management system of public institutions, and the mainstream of most units is to accelerate the commercialization. With the decrease of geological exploration investment, the exploration capacity will gradually show a surplus situation. Some capable personnel of local exploration units are diverted to new fields of livelihood geology, and many new experiences have emerged. For example, the property development of Yunnan Bureau base and the opening of "Yunnan purchase" e-commerce platform have opened up new business channels; The large-scale investigation of tourism resources and geothermal exploration and development of Guizhou bureau are closely aligned with the development ideas of local governments, with good results; On the basis of consolidating the mining industry, northwest nonferrous metals carried out gold refining, gold jewelry production and sales, gold leasing and other businesses, and extended the gold industry chain; The test tasks of Qinghai Bureau and each batch of samples well match the concept and practice of "green exploration", which provides a beneficial reference for future work; The East China Bureau has developed oil and gas exploration, marine geology, saline alkali land treatment and industrialization, and achieved good economic benefits. These are new explorations and experiences for geological prospecting units, which are worth learning from each other

renxudong stressed that under the new normal, economic and social development has put forward new requirements for geological exploration, and geological exploration units must clarify their own positioning and responsibilities in the reform and development. Nonferrous Geological Prospecting Units should adhere to the reform direction of separating business from enterprise, adhere to industrial transformation and upgrading, transform and develop from the mineral resources industry to the dual main industries of resources and people's livelihood geology, and strengthen the actual capacity-building of geological prospecting units

renxudong hopes that Nonferrous Geological Prospecting Units should first strive for more shares in the national public welfare geological work. Second, we should give full play to the professional and technical advantages of the national team and seize the market development opportunities of the people's livelihood geological business. With the promulgation of the national environmental protection law and other laws, the implementation of the "ten water" and "ten soil" has ushered in great development of people's livelihood geology. Non ferrous Geological Prospecting Units should make full use of the professional technology accumulated for a long time, especially the technical advantages in hydrogeology, engineering geology and environmental geology, strive to open up the market, and strive to achieve leading achievements in the field of people's livelihood geology. Third, we should not forget our original intention, pool talents and do a good job in our main business. We should objectively and systematically analyze and judge the market trend, and grasp the opportunity in the process of the boom and bust cycle of the mining market. Fourth, we should closely follow the "the Belt and Road" strategy and the pace of international production capacity cooperation, and seize the new opportunities of "going global" of relevant industries

during the meeting, leaders of provincial nonferrous metal geological exploration bureaus made special speeches on the production and operation in recent years and future work ideas in combination with the reform and development reality of each bureau. More than 140 participants exchanged views on the new situation and problems of state-owned geological prospecting units in promoting transformation and steady growth, the development direction and new ideas of the non-ferrous geological prospecting industry, and the new progress and experience of geological prospecting, production and operation of non-ferrous geological prospecting units

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