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It is said that the LED movie screen is good. Why is there no action in China

in recent years, with the development of LED display technology, led movie screen has gradually entered the public's field of vision. At the recently held "the Belt and Road" International Cooperation Summit Forum, the forum organizers invited Chinese and foreign countries to enter the capital cinema through the master control software to experience the global LED screen movie screen. It is reported that Samsung Electronics provided a 14m Onyx led movie screen to support 4K HD display and HDR dynamic HD source playback. The super clear and super bright display effect amazed the audience

although the LED movie screen looks "tall", and the domestic LED display industry is also the top industry in the world, it has obvious advantages in both product performance and cost performance. But, up to now, only Samsung and Sony seem to have really put the LED display into the cinema market... Why

1. One of the most important reasons for the limited cost is the cost. Obviously, taking the LED display screen as a movie screen must have higher requirements on all aspects of product performance indicators, which means R & D The increase of production costs and other costs are very rare in China (the friction between cylinder and piston ring, cam and tappet in engine, machine tool guide rail and worm drive all belong to this category). Few enterprises can afford such a huge cost before the market can afford it

at the same time, led movie screens have high requirements for products, especially for pixels and sizes. There are two common movie screen size ratios, 1:2.35 or 1:1.85, which are the specified sizes, and the pixels of LED display screens should match this size. Pixels are the same. Cinema LED displays need to be specially customized, which limits the output of the display, and the cost advantage cannot be reflected

2. DCI certification

dci - Hollywood fixture is a metal digital cinema organization. Its certification is the most concerned and influential in the development of digital cinema in the world. DCI certification is essential for theaters to play Hollywood movies. When the LED movie screen is applied to the cinema, the manufacturer must also pass the DCI certification. This also requires LED display manufacturers to invest a lot of cost and energy

3. Business model of domestic screen enterprises

the domestic LED display industry has decisive advantages in both technology research and development and market resources. But why is there no "big man" willing to enter the LED film screen industry in China? The answer is to solidify the business model

for Samsung, entering the LED movie screen is not enough to become a profit point for Samsung. Its intention is to use its achievements in the high-end display field to prove its brand influence and overall strength in the display field, so as to open up other product lines and market space for Samsung and bring a good advertising effect. The same is true of the Dolby cinema we know well. However, domestic LED display enterprises are relatively deficient in this business model of "expanding influence by entering high-end public places"

however, although there are many difficulties, it is undoubtedly a good opportunity for domestic LED display manufacturers to enter the cinema. Because like a laser light source, LED screen will eventually be a trend. Therefore, although these difficulties on the way to development are inevitable, it is only when we choose to take the initiative in adversity that we have more opportunities

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