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The National People's Congress has regulated the excessive packaging of 20% of garbage, which is accused of excessive packaging. The 25th session of the Standing Committee of the Eleventh National People's Congress held its first plenary meeting at the Great Hall of the people in Beijing yesterday morning. The important task of this meeting is to make preparations for the upcoming fifth session of the Eleventh National People's Congress. To this end, yesterday's plenary meeting deliberated the draft work report of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, the draft agenda of the fifth session of the Eleventh National People's Congress, the draft list of the Presidium and the secretary general, and the draft list of non voting participants

at the same time, the meeting continued to consider the draft amendment to the cleaner production promotion law and the draft asset appraisal law for the first time. The meeting also considered the report of the chief executive of the Macao Special Administrative Region on whether the method for the formation of the Legislative Council of the Macao Special Administrative Region in 2013 and the method for the formation of the chief executive in 2014 need to be amended

Chairman Wu Bangguo presided over the meeting. 158 members of the Standing Committee attended the meeting, meeting the quorum------- Caihengzhi, Secretary General of the injection molding special committee of Guangdong Plastics Association, revised the cleaner production promotion law. Enterprises can enjoy tax incentives for waste utilization. The draft amendment to the Cleaner Production Promotion Law of the people's Republic of China was reviewed again at the 25th meeting of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress. The draft stipulates that those who use waste and recycle raw materials from waste to produce products in accordance with the law shall enjoy tax incentives in accordance with national regulations

the draft also regulates excessive packaging. The current law is amended to read that enterprises should reasonably package their products, and the material, structure and cost of packaging should be consistent with the quality, specification and price of the internal products, so as to reduce the excessive use of packaging materials and the generation of packaging waste

20% of the waste is over packaged. Wang Guangtao, a member of the Standing Committee of the Standing Committee, mentioned that the State Council had previously asked the State Administration of technical supervision to formulate administrative regulations. It has been several years and cannot be promulgated

he introduced a statistic that about 20% of the garbage is over packaged waste. Therefore, he suggested that the supervision regulations on excessive packaging should be added, and the local people's Government of the manufacturer and the quality supervision bureau should be responsible for strengthening the supervision

for example, when I buy cookies in Denmark, China is an iron box. In Denmark, it is not allowed to sell them with an iron box. They say that if they want to buy an iron box to take them abroad, they should buy it at the airport. Domestic sales are only allowed in ordinary plastic packaging

the committee member suggested to take mandatory measures

for the relevant provisions on excessive packaging, the committee member fanxulitai suggested to add laws. This issue may not need to be stipulated in the law, but today, the technical personnel of the State Council will share with you the summarized methods of some safe protective equipment and maintenance methods. Whether the relevant departments can consider a regulation, for example, the packaging can not exceed a certain proportion, and the products can not be packaged with wood

committee member chengyiju also believes that the above-mentioned issue on product packaging is not enough. At present, it is only an advocacy clause. He believes that mandatory measures should be taken

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