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The pace of modern urban life is so fast that people who walk fast seem to be longing for leisure. Many owners of literary and artistic models prefer the small and fresh home decoration style and advocate the natural and simple life of petty bourgeoisie. Often at this time, the Mediterranean has become one of their preferred styles. In fact, no matter what kind of design concept, the decoration of the room is always inseparable from warmth and warmth. Next, I want to share a Mediterranean style small home with two bedrooms and two living rooms in Jinhu Bay. Come and have a look

[real estate community] Jinhu Bay

[house type area] 95 ㎡

[house type] two bedroom

[decoration style] Mediterranean style

[space display]

a gentle blue coast breeze is blowing. No matter from the material and color matching of furniture, we can feel the designer's intention. Although the living room is small, it is full of warmth and freshness

the design of the semi open kitchen not only well maintains the household hygiene and the freshness of the air, but also realizes the openness of the kitchen in the pattern. The tiles are decorated with splicing and fancy patterns. The host himself likes cooking, so the kitchen is a big decoration for her, and she thinks it has also become her own happy little world




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