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In order to decorate the house, I went around in the sun and rain just to find beautiful furniture. Such an experience makes many people who have decorated the house unbearable. But now, the online shopping and home decoration boom without leaving home is in vogue. Just browse online, and then click the mouse, and the furniture will be delivered to the door. Without the cost of renting shops and manpower in physical stores, furniture may be sold cheaper than outside, which is naturally popular. However, the online shopping market is mixed. How to polish your eyes in the process of online shopping and buy really beautiful furniture? Industry professionals help you

◆ post-80s couples: save 20000 yuan in online shopping and decoration

building materials, furniture, home decoration, fabric, home textile &hellip& hellip; In recent years, the online home decoration market has gradually flourished, basically covering all aspects of home decoration. All kinds of home decoration materials and furniture can be found online

Xiao Li, a post-80s generation, is decorating his newlywed house. Recently, he has searched online for a series of furniture, including sofas, faucets, lamps, wallpapers, sinks, and even toilets. In addition to doors and cabinets, our family is basically from online shopping, which saves a lot, and uses big brands. Xiao Li spent a total of 150000 yuan on the decoration of his new house, including more than 40000 yuan for hard decoration and more than 100000 yuan for decoration and furniture. I have roughly calculated that online shopping saved about 20000 to 30000 yuan. Xiao Li said

the reporter found that there are not many post-80s couples like Xiao Li who choose furniture through online shopping. Why is online furniture popular with young people

◆ reasons for popularity: online shopping is the most important. The price is enough.

according to Xiao Li, online shopping has a wide range of home decoration products, and more importantly, it is enough. The price of furniture outside should be added with the cost of rent and labor, but online shopping has less this heavy cost, so the price is more favorable

the reporter found on several popular websites of online furniture shopping that many stations focus on lower than the market price. For example, a fabric three person sofa on Taobao has a market price of 3099 yuan, and Taobao has a price of 1899 yuan; The market price of a single bed is 2480 yuan, and the price of Taobao is 1750 yuan. The market price of a table set in JD mall is 6969 yuan, and the price of JD mall is 2788 yuan; The market price of a leather double bed is 5833 yuan, and the price of is 2333 yuan

because the price of online home decoration products is cheaper than that of physical stores, they are sought after by many netizens. The reporter found that the monthly sales of some popular furniture on the Internet exceeded 1000 pieces, such as 1890 pieces of a single sofa with a monthly sales of 98 yuan; The monthly sales volume of a self-adhesive Wallpaper of 5.7 yuan/square meter also reached more than 3500 pieces; The monthly sales volume of a mosaic tile with a unit price of 7 yuan is as high as 8000 pieces




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