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A week's market review of Guangzhou organic chemical raw materials market

under the pressure of the continuous downturn in the international market and insufficient domestic demand, the market of most organic chemicals was weak this week, and the prices of some varieties fell further

methanol: following the decline that has occurred in the past few weeks, the quotation in Guangzhou market fell further this week. The market quotation of aquatic products has been as low as about 1600 yuan/ton, while the quotation of barreled products is only 2100 yuan/ton. According to the relevant industry, the actual transaction price is even lower than the quotation by yuan. Obviously, the market price this week has been reduced by about 100 yuan on the basis of last week. The repeated decline of methanol market price is generally believed to be caused by the downturn of the international market, because recently, the methanol price reported by foreign investors to the Pearl River Delta region of Guangdong has been as low as US dollars/ton, and the cost price is too low. Although the import arrival is not too much, it still puts great pressure on the Guangzhou market. In addition, domestic manufacturers have lowered the ex factory price of methanol, which has also contributed to the decline in the market price in Guangzhou to a certain extent. The author believes that the current methanol price is very close to the bottom, and it is estimated that the bottom can be built around 1500 yuan/ton. After entering the middle of September, the market will have the opportunity to turn around

acetone: the market fell, and the price fell again and again. First, it stayed at 3900 yuan/ton for two days, but soon slid to the new low price of 3700 yuan/ton (imported or domestic solvent grade water purification price), which fell by about 200 yuan compared with last week. However, at present, the industry is not sure whether this price is the lowest price in Guangzhou, because the price in East China has exceeded the bottom line of 3500 yuan/ton earlier. At present, there are two aspects worth noting: (1) the quotation in the international market is very low, and there is no hope of recovery in the short term. At present, the quotation of acetone in the international market is only $310/ton, obviously the import cost price is lower than the market price in Guangzhou; (2) Domestic demand is obviously insufficient, sales are extremely weak, almost no one is interested, and large-scale goods cannot be traded. Moreover, recently, there have been continuous rumors that a large number of new goods will be transported into the market soon (imported products), and the wait-and-see atmosphere in the market is relatively strong. The author believes that the current price level of acetone is relatively reasonable and will not fall again because the international oil price is estimated not to fall again in the short term. However, if the international oil price falls again, it is difficult to say that acetone will not fall again in the future

dioctyl ester: sales are calm, prices are low and stable. At present, the quotation of water purification products is about 6200 yuan/ton, while the quotation of barreled products is about 6600 yuan/ton. It is understood that the transaction price of the larger players in the market is below 6100 yuan/ton, and some say that the price of 6000 yuan/ton may not be able to make a deal. This shows a problem, that is, the market trading atmosphere is very weak, it is difficult to clinch a deal. In fact, due to the current sluggish downstream PVC resin production, the production situation of some other downstream products is also poor; More importantly, there are many imported products, which have a great impact on the East market of Guangzhou screw. It is reported that since this year, a large number of dioctyl esters imported from Shantou have been the biggest pressure on the markets all over Guangdong, causing the quotation of dioctyl esters to continue to fall. Although the price has been stable in the past two weeks, many operators believe that the current price of dioctyl esters is ultra-low and there is no room for decline, Moreover, many dioctyl ester production enterprises have to reduce the operating rate or even close down because of the loss of dioctyl ester production. In the short term, the reduction of dioctyl ester production can only stabilize its price at a low level, but it is impossible to make its price rise significantly in a short time

phthalic anhydride: from the continuous downturn of the dioctyl ester Market, it can be expected that there will be no turnaround in the phthalic anhydride market, and the phthalic anhydride situation in Guangzhou has indeed not improved this week. The exhibition will focus on showing the signs of a batch of basic, strategic and cutting-edge advanced materials. The market quotation of both imported and domestic products is at a low level, which is still not attractive enough. At present, the market transaction price of domestic phthalic anhydride is basically between yuan/ton, while the sales price of Korean Aijing products is between yuan/ton. Some experts pointed out that although the current phthalic anhydride market is still in a depressed state, the current international market quotation is generally above $450/ton, that is, the cost price of imported products is very close to the transaction price in Guangzhou, and the price advantage of imported products is not large, which provides better conditions for the future recovery of phthalic anhydride. However, due to the large domestic inventory of phthalic anhydride at present, the low price of phthalic anhydride will not change in the short term

styrene: the market repeats to a certain extent, but it can't break through the depressed pattern in the end. Then, the market transaction price of the water purification products loaded on the samples through the movement of the beam of the experimental machine is basically maintained at about 5000 yuan/ton, and the maximum is no more than 5200 yuan/ton. The relevant industry believes that the price of styrene cannot rise in August, so the situation will be even less optimistic after entering September. The main reason why the price of styrene has not been able to make a breakthrough in the near future is the sluggish international market. The export quotations of foreign businessmen to Guangdong are generally at a low level of about $400/ton, and a large number of low-cost goods have poured into the Guangdong market. Therefore, despite many attempts by domestic petrochemical enterprises to raise the ex factory price of styrene, they have failed; In addition, the sluggish production of downstream polystyrene, acrylonitrile, ABS resin and other products has also restricted the recovery of Styrene Market to a large extent. The author believes that although the great opportunity of styrene has passed, the recent rise in the price of polystyrene in the international market should also attract our attention, which may become a driving factor for the recovery of styrene price

glycerin: after the continuous rise in prices in the past few weeks, the Glycerin Market in Guangzhou has maintained a stable trend this week. The quotations of Malaysian pharmaceutical grade products imported on the market are generally between yuan/ton. It is reported that at present, the supply of glycerol is still relatively tight, but the most tense period has passed, and the quotation in the international market has not increased further recently. Therefore, many operators believe that the price of glycerol is unlikely to rise further

"three benzene": general sales and stable price. At present, the sales price of petroleum pure benzene water purification products is about 3000 yuan/ton, while toluene is 3200 yuan/ton and xylene is about 3500 yuan/ton. However, the quotation on the market is very messy. The quotation of different dealers can vary by hundreds of yuan. The main reason is that some merchants' purchase price is too high, and they don't want to reduce the price at present. Therefore, some merchants quote high prices, but the market can't accept them, and there are few transactions. Relevant insiders believe that the price trend of "three benzene" will mainly depend on September. If the market falls in September, the price level in the fourth quarter will fall further

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