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From April 11 to 12, the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau dispatched more than 150 people, led by department level cadres, and divided into seven groups to carry out concentrated surprise law enforcement inspections on Shahe, Nanhe and glass enterprises in production, and found some problems

the pH value of desulfurization pool water is only 2 to 3

on the morning of the 12th, I followed one of the law enforcement and inspection personnel to a glass company in Shahe, which has desulfurization, denitration and dust removal devices

as soon as entering the door, the inspectors went straight to the alkali slurry pool of the desulfurization system. The slurry pool was splashing with water, and the smell was pungent when standing beside it. The inspector took out a pH test paper and soaked it in water. After taking it out, it showed 2 to 3

there is an alkali adding device on the pool, a pipe leads to the slurry pool, and there is liquid at the mouth of the pipe. It is necessary to always inspect the operation of the experimental machine, and the drops fall into the pool. After checking the alkali dosing device, the inspector said, "there is alkali in it, but the amount of alkali added is insufficient." There should be a probe in the slurry pool to monitor the pH value at any time, but the inspector found that the probe was placed in the air

the inspector then entered the monitoring room and checked the data and found that the pH value on the computer had always been 7. "If the monitoring probe is placed in the air, it will be 7." Inspectors said that the desulfurization process is to neutralize sulfur dioxide by adding alkaline substances, so as to achieve the purpose of desulfurization. Therefore, the slurry pool of desulfurization tower should be kept alkaline, that is, the pH value should be kept at about 11

after a few minutes, return to the desulfurization tank again. The alkali dosing device has been fully opened, and drops of liquid have become rapid water flow. The monitoring probe originally placed in the air is also placed in the desulfurization tank at this time. At this time, the pH value on the computer in the monitoring room plummeted to about 2.8, and then began to rise gradually

the door of the central control room has not been locked

in the past two years, key polluting enterprises need to install monitoring equipment. In order to avoid enterprises deleting and modifying data, the environmental protection department requires enterprises to hand over the key of the monitoring room to a third party for management, and enterprise personnel are not allowed to enter the monitoring room at will

in the central control room of the company, there is a small door, inside which is the monitoring room. When the inspectors arrived, the door of the monitoring room opened as soon as it was screwed. As for who owns the key, the relevant person in charge of the enterprise insisted that it was not in his own hand

the inspectors found that about 200 cubic meters of sand and waste residue were not covered in the northern half of the plant area, and it was windy and dusty. In addition, a desulfurization tower of the enterprise has liquid leakage, which flows into the sewer and is tested to be acidic

the monitoring personnel also carried out on-site detection of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide and particulate matter in the flue gas discharged from the glass furnace, and the monitoring data need to be further analyzed

during the action, in addition to on-site monitoring, checking the historical data of the device, checking the operation records, the inspectors also made on-site records and investigation and inquiry records of the environmental problems existing in the enterprise, and checked them with the person in charge of the enterprise one by one

special inspection will be carried out irregularly

in this special action, the municipal environmental protection department transferred more than 150 business backbones to conduct centralized surprise law enforcement inspections on 48 production lines of 26 enterprises in Shahe and 4 production lines of 3 enterprises in Nanhe

1. Technical specifications for longitudinal load (tension) test

"during the inspection, other groups also found that the monitoring data exceeded the standard, the use of heavily polluting fuels, and the regulations were not implemented in place." Siguoliang, director of the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, said that this time, the main inspections were the operation of desulfurization, denitration and dust removal facilities, the emission of pollutants up to standard, dust suppression measures such as stockyards, and the operation of central control systems and fuel use

"the new environmental protection law has been implemented, and the environmental protection department of the city will increase the intensity of inspection and punishment. In the future, special law enforcement inspections will be carried out irregularly in different industries and regions." Siguoliang said that he hoped that enterprises would not take chances to illegally discharge pollutants and should strictly implement various environmental protection regulations

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