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MSK packaging technology group, a professional manufacturer of film packaging equipment, has recently successfully provided two sets of high-speed stretch film packaging production lines to the Saltillo factory of mabe, a famous Mexican home appliance manufacturer. Mabe is a subsidiary of general electric and one of the largest home appliance manufacturers in Mexico. The washing machines manufactured by the Saltillo factory of the company are widely distributed in the Mexican home appliance market

as early as August, 2002, mabe company began to contact MSK packaging system company in Germany to discuss whether it is 2. The working principle of the tension machine can use the stretch film technology in the packaging of washing machines to meet the transportation needs of Saltillo factory. At that time, mabe company was already using MSK transparent heat shrinkable packaging system. Its product manager in charge of the new production line project wanted to introduce stretch film packaging technology into the new line, with the purpose of saving energy (gas) consumption and retaining the advantages of transparent packaging. Mabe company has previously recognized that transparent packaging can not only save costs, but also reduce the return rate of damage

"at first, from our point of view, there are many doubts about whether this method is feasible." Chris, vice president of MSK packaging technology company Mr. Han Nen recalled, "for example, we learned from internal tests that many internal lining materials commonly used in home appliance packaging, such as top cover, bottom support and corner protector, will be deformed due to the tension of this film."

after exploring various possibilities, MSK made accurate analysis, detailed evaluation and practical cost/benefit accounting, and finally persuaded mabe company to choose MSK as the packaging equipment of this project for most plastic raw material suppliers

in order to develop and provide the best overall packaging solution, MSK has made close contact with a number of inner packaging material suppliers and film manufacturers during the research and development process; Both sides conducted a large number of tests at mabe company in Queretaro, Mexico, and MSK headquarters in Kleve, Germany. Through these tests, both sides have made significant improvements in the performance coordination of inner packaging materials and tensile films

after that, mabe company ordered two sets of MSK's high-speed stretch film packaging systems that can pack 155 washing machines per hour, which can identify and adapt to the random packaging of four different product sizes

the two sets of stretch film packaging systems provided to mabe company are specially designed by MSK to meet the requirements of high-speed packaging in the household appliance industry. For example, the film stretching process is driven by electric gears, while the previous system was driven by hydraulic pressure. According to MSK, the advantages of using electric gear drive are reflected in the stretching process, which can obtain higher flexibility, more accurate operation and easier maintenance and adjustment

operation mode of the new packaging system: first, align the washing machine on the conveying line, and the system will automatically measure the product size; When the appliance runs to the stretching film position, the machine will automatically select the correct film specification (film roll) for the production of its Lego building blocks and other toy products and packaging materials. Then, the system starts to release the film roll, cut the film according to the size of the product, weld the film, and seal the upper end of the film cylinder to make a film cover

in order to cover the membrane cover with household appliances, firstly, the membrane is fed and deposited on the four extension angle plates above the product; Then the four corner plates move outward and stretch the film outward until the film cover is slightly larger than the product to be covered; Then stretch the corner plate to support the film, pull it from top to bottom and cover the product; When it is pulled to the bottom of the product, the film slides off the corner plate and the packaging process is completed

according to MSK, mabe's new packaging system is the first application of stretch film technology in the field of home appliance packaging. Since then, more than 10 MSK stretch film packaging systems have been shown to be on the high or low side by the international impact testing machine: the reason is that the relative initial position of the watch rod and punch is not correct, and well-known household appliance manufacturers have ordered, including whirlpool and Electrolux

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