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The problem of environmental protection arrears of local governments highlights the proposal of the all China Federation of industry and Commerce calling for strengthening payment

on the eve of the two sessions of the National People's Congress every year, the environmental chamber of Commerce of the all China Federation of industry and Commerce (hereinafter referred to as "the environmental chamber of Commerce") will hold a "media meeting for environmental entrepreneurs" in Beijing to share the proposals submitted by the environmental chamber of Commerce to the national political association. The pulse of the environmental protection industry over the years can also be felt from the annual changes in the proposal

in 2014, the environmental protection industry was still suffering from the lack of market liberalization, so the proposal of the environmental chamber of Commerce was also "promoting third-party governance and PPP mechanism". In 2016, after the opening of the environmental protection market, it triggered the problem of low-cost bidding among enterprises. The proposal research group of the chamber of Commerce for the environment learned from the research of surrounding provinces and cities that it became "curbing vicious competition in the environmental protection industry". This year, low-cost bidding has gradually decreased, and the problem of owners' arrears has become more prominent, so the proposal has become the proposal on strengthening the payment of water service fees of local governments (hereinafter referred to as the "proposal")

the main customer of the environmental protection industry is the local government. It is understood that in recent years, some local governments have defaulted on water and sewage treatment fees more and more seriously, and some have even defaulted for several years, resulting in a heavy financial burden on environmental protection enterprises and affecting the long-term standard operation of sewage treatment facilities

"last year, the financing difficulties of private enterprises were once serious, but through the attention of senior management and the support of the financial industry, the darkest moment of private enterprises has passed. Now the problem of local government arrears is more prominent." Zhaolijun, President of the chamber of Commerce for environment and chairman of poten environment, said to

the chamber of Commerce for the environment suggested that the payment for the operation of environmental protection facilities should also be included in the Accountability Scope of the central ecological and environmental protection inspector, and the promotion and transfer of local government leaders who have long defaulted on environmental service fees should also be restricted during the performance evaluation. This will help to solve the problem of arrears and fight the battle of pollution prevention

defaulting on water charges leads to the collapse of enterprises

in China, sewage treatment fees have special sources. According to the regulations on urban drainage and sewage treatment and the notice on the formulation and adjustment of sewage treatment fee standards and other relevant issues issued by the national development and Reform Commission, sewage treatment fees should be paid by drainage units and individuals, which should be used for a specific purpose and should not be withheld, misappropriated or misappropriated

however, due to the relatively low pricing of sewage treatment fees in many regions, and even the inversion with the cost, there are many objects that should be charged that have not been fully collected, resulting in the collected sewage treatment fees are not enough to cover the cost

the proposal shows that the average cost of sewage treatment in China is about 1 2/ton, and the average income of social sewage treatment fee is 0 0/ton, which has obviously shown a situation of "revenue and expenditure upside down"

taking a city in Northeast China as an example, the sewage treatment fee charged in 2017 was 55.14 million, but the cost that should be paid was 141 million, with a gap of 85.86 million

in this case, the funding gap of these cities needs to be filled by local finance. But the problem is that at present, due to the sharp decline in local fiscal revenue, the ability to pay is seriously insufficient, and the sewage treatment fee has no time to take into account

the proposal shows that due to the steep fall in the northeast economy, Liaoning Tieling's fiscal revenue fell from 9.43 billion in 2014 to 4.2 billion in 2016. As of 2017, 88.15 million water service fees had been in arrears

in addition to the above reasons, there are also problems with sewage treatment fees, such as low charging standards, low collection rate, failure to collect all receivables, and malicious arrears of individual enterprises. The proposal shows that the residents' sewage treatment fee of Jianchang County sewage management office in Huludao City, Liaoning Province has not been charged for two years

if the sewage treatment fee is not paid normally for a long time, it will affect the long-term standard operation of sewage treatment facilities, and even lead to the bankruptcy of sewage treatment enterprises. Taking Fujian Mingxi Huineng Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. as an example, it mainly provides sewage and garbage treatment services for Mingxi County Government. Since its formal operation in 2010 for five years, the local government has failed to pay garbage and sewage treatment fees according to the agreement, with a arrears of up to 13million, and has not assisted the court in fulfilling its ruling. Enterprises can only rely on their own loans to maintain the operation of the facilities. Finally, they were forced to auction the sewage plant because of the arrears

call for the establishment of a long-term mechanism

last November, the executive meeting of the State Council proposed to "resolutely eliminate arrears to private enterprises". In January this year, the Ministry of ecological environment and the all China Federation of industry and Commerce issued the "opinions on supporting and serving the green development of private enterprises", which requires local governments and state-owned enterprises to strictly implement the contract according to law and prevent defaulting on environmental protection projects of private enterprises. Driven by many departments, the situation of arrears has been alleviated

zhanggenhua, executive chairman of the chamber of Commerce for the environment and President of clean environment, said that since November last year, the state has significantly increased its support for private enterprises and introduced various policies to help private enterprises solve difficulties, including clearing the debts owed to local governments and state-owned enterprises

"in the past, it was environmental protection enterprises that talked to leaders about how to settle their debts, but now it is leaders who take the initiative to talk to environmental protection enterprises about how to solve them. Moreover, many large enterprises have also made it clear that they will settle all their debts before June 30. These are new trends under the influence of policies." He said

in this case, enterprises have felt the change. Zhang Genhua said that they had a total of more than 2 billion accounts receivable, mainly concentrated in more than 20 large state-owned enterprises and central enterprises. Since the end of last year, the rate of payment collection has been significantly accelerated, and more than 80% of enterprises can guarantee to pay off their debts on June 30

Zhao Lijun also said that he also learned that the State Council is strengthening the settlement of environmental cost arrears. On February 4, the new year's Eve holiday, and on February 3, the State Council was still in a meeting, requiring environmental protection enterprises to report the situation of fund arrears, which gave him hope

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however, Zhao Lijun believes that the solution to these problems should not be "Sports", but should establish a long-term mechanism. "

Yang Bin, executive chairman of the chamber of Commerce for the environment and general manager of capital holdings, also said that the deep-seated reason for the local government's arrears in sewage treatment fees is the lack of awareness and capacity of local governments to implement the contract.

"As enterprises, we pay more attention to the local government's awareness of performance, because the local government's money is never enough. Where the limited expenses are used and whether they can perform the contract are very important for environmental protection enterprises." Yang Bin said, "now the risk aversion of ecological culture gold has been slowed down; with the strong U.S. economy, the construction of the restoration of suming has risen to the height of the national strategy, and the awareness of local governments to implement the contract should also be raised to a corresponding height."

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