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The achievements of environmental protection are gathered in a "green wisdom" to shine at the WorldExpo

the pace of the 2010 WorldExpo is getting closer and closer to us. With the theme of "Better City, better life, material research and development, strengthening the competitiveness of HP plastics industry", the Shanghai WorldExpo is a grand stage for gathering the world's scientific wisdom. The latest environmental protection concepts and cutting-edge scientific and technological achievements are reflected from the architectural structure of self built museums abroad to the themes and contents displayed in the museum

green coating and building materials dress up as "China Red"

on the stage of the construction of Shanghai WorldExpo venues, the coating industry and its environmental protection products play an important role: BASF's external wall external insulation system is applied to the WorldExpo home project, Dow Chemical signed the contract for the French Pavilion of the WorldExpo, Nippon coating application "Hushang · ecohome" project, Henan Dayu coating to build the Qatar Pavilion of the WorldExpo, Crocodile paint features its full standard WorldExpo "flat to slope" project... Many new coating technologies and products have been applied to the construction of WorldExpo projects and venue decoration, highlighting new highlights such as energy conservation, environmental protection and low carbon

in particular, the outer wall material of the China National Pavilion, known as "China Red", is a non radioactive and pollution-free green product. All doors and windows adopt lom-e glass. Because its surface layer contains light storage paint that can reflect heat, it can convert sunlight into electric energy and store it to provide energy for the lighting of the building's outer wall; The observation deck on the top of the National Pavilion also uses solar thin films with special coatings to store sunlight and convert it into electricity

the interior and exterior wall coatings of the China Pavilion are all provided by Shanghai Sanyin paint Co., Ltd. The interior wall paint is mainly white, and the exterior wall paint is first applied with gray paint, and then the "China Red" aluminum base plate is hoisted. With its excellent product performance, perfect coating engineering solutions and good cost performance, Sanyin coating has stood out from many well-known coating enterprises at home and abroad and become the designated interior and exterior wall coating product of the "China Pavilion"

in the selection of paving bricks for the "China Pavilion accounting for only 7.01% of the total revenue", according to the requirements of the "Green Expo", the original ordinary stone is replaced by permeable bricks to pave the road. Permeable brick is made of sand and resin materials. The carbon emission produced in the processing process is lower than that of cement and natural stone. It is a low-carbon and environmental protection product in itself. At the same time, the use of permeable bricks can greatly improve the comfort of the indoor square of the Chinese Pavilion. On the one hand, paving the road with permeable bricks can prevent the square from ponding and prevent visitors from slipping when walking; On the other hand, the thickness of 8 cm can make it suck the oxygenated water on the ground into the brick to maintain the dryness of the ground. At the same time, the water sucked into the bricks can cool the ground and take away the heat during the evaporation process, which makes the audience waiting in the square feel a little cool

only give the green light to energy conservation

the selection requirements of various supporting materials for the venue construction of the WorldExpo are very strict. They are all based on the standards of high grade, high quality, energy conservation and environmental protection, which has attracted many famous enterprises around the world to bid in succession. It can be seen from many materials that many famous brands have launched a competition for sharing the cake of the construction of the Expo venues

"Expo venues only give green light to energy conservation." A relevant person in charge of the organizing committee said that the Expo attaches great importance to energy conservation and environmental protection from the construction of venues to the holding period. At that time, the auto exhaust in the Expo site will achieve "zero emission", and 1000 new energy vehicles will undertake the transportation tasks in the Expo site. The total power of solar power in the Expo site is expected to reach 10 megawatts, which will be more than five times that of Shanghai today

the construction of Expo venues also pays special attention to energy conservation and environmental protection. For example, solar cells will be used on the outer surface of some venues to achieve self-sufficiency in lighting. In addition, the windows of some venues will use double-layer glass with low energy consumption, which saves more than 25% energy than the traditional mode. The walls of many theme pavilions adopt the world's largest vertical ecological greening wall, which is both cooling and energy-saving. Especially in terms of energy conservation and effect of lighting equipment, there is not only a large demand, but also complex installation. In order to ensure quality and effect, advanced energy-saving products developed by first-class lighting enterprises such as Sanxiong aurora are selected. In this way, on the basis of ensuring brightness, energy can be saved by about 90%

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