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Environmental friendly building materials polyurethane waterproof coating escorts green life

environmental friendly building materials polyurethane waterproof coating escorts green life

June 30, 2016

[China paint information] the traditional building materials industry does not seem to be going smoothly in 2016, so seeking new breakthroughs has become a compulsory course for every building materials enterprise. As an observer in the building materials industry, let's listen to his thinking

1. Does what you do as an enterprise contribute to society? Will these practices allow enterprises to develop for a long time

up to now, many times companies are pursuing profit maximization, and sometimes even do things that harm the interests of customers. For a time, there was a local area to be demolished. In order to get more money, the relocated households built houses in their own yards. At that time, cement was very popular. The company sold a lot of cement to that area, but it is meaningless to do so. These cement will eventually become broken bricks and tiles. Although the money is made, the enterprise is not strong, but will become impetuous. There are many such villages in China. In fact, this is the biggest harm to nature. The company has become a stable partner of new ocean

2. After 2012, the market was generally depressed, which has lasted for four years so far. There are many colleagues around who can't make it

now think about it carefully. You can only blame yourself for the current embarrassment, because good enterprises will be ready for funds to deal with the crisis in the boom. Most domestic enterprises are eager for quick success and instant benefits, blindly radical and blindly expanding. Many bosses are even greedy for pleasure

during the boom, we ignored the health, happiness, life and future development of employees. In the short term, employees may work hard for the development of the enterprise, but the long-term development of the enterprise must ensure that their employees have no worries about food and clothing, otherwise, the employees who create value for the enterprise are not good, Enterprise is "We are shifting the focus of our development from spandex to aramid and other new materials. In any case, it can't be sustainable. Even if we barely survive, it won't last long.

3. Enterprises should improve their competitiveness in the international market.

the older generation once taught the match post-80s generation to be smooth. Say whatever you see. At present, this business rule is no longer feasible. Because enterprises ultimately have to speak with product quality Speak with good service. Finally, we should use credit to speak

for example, China is a large country of limestone resources and steel. Every year, the state invests a lot of funds for research. Why should high-tech products such as high-grade steel and high-purity lime be imported from abroad? Let me explain it with a specific thing. Nowadays, it is widely accepted and willing to try to use the Internet marketing mode to market environmental protection building materials. Before building various buildings, using the Internet to collect various environmental protection building materials products and enterprise information can greatly reduce the time to go out for field visits. Especially on the professional environmental protection building materials platform, most of the regular enterprises and high-quality products that have been strictly audited can enter, and strictly check the requirements of customers in advance, Booking, trading and door-to-door delivery directly are very beneficial to the normal work of the experimental machine, which is very convenient and fast. While most office workers are busy with their work when decorating their houses, they don't have much time to go to physical stores for on-the-spot investigation, and try their best to find their favorite building materials products. Using professional environmental protection to build the future is expected to become a new profit growth point of the company. Material Internet platform can save a lot of trouble.

under the influence of Internet, environmental protection building materials can develop more healthily with the help of the powerful advantages of Internet. Li Hongzheng, an industry insider who has been engaged in environmental protection building materials for many years, said that connecting with the Internet is the most correct strategic measure made by environmental protection building materials in the new era of history. In this era of "marriage" interconnection of various industries, carrying Internet flights is undoubtedly an important means for environmental protection building materials to achieve self breakthrough, transformation and upgrading by using high and new technology, so that environmental protection building materials products can be sold out more quickly and establish a brand image, Realize brand value

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