The hottest environmental pollution control market

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The expansion of the environmental pollution control market is imminent, and the three pollution prevention and control plans will be reported to the

the increasingly severe pollution situation across the country has attracted more and more attention from the government. China Securities News learned a few days ago that the State Council has instructed the Ministry of environmental protection to take the lead in formulating relevant action plans on the national air pollution prevention, national water pollution prevention and national rural environmental protection. At present, the relevant action plan has been carried out for many rounds. 3. Take the hook as the next real chain for comments, and it is expected to be reported to the State Council in the near future

according to relevant sources, the upcoming package action plan of plastic granulator, which also causes serious environmental pollution, is mainly aimed at governments at all levels. The relevant environmental protection plans previously issued mainly target industries, enterprises and other entities, including the government. Due to the early formulation of the air, water and other related plans that have been issued, some objectives and treatment methods have not fully taken into account the recent increasingly severe situation of air and water pollution in China

in addition, the action plan will propose targeted treatment objectives, key treatment areas and treatment measures based on the current situation of air, water and rural pollution in China as mentioned above. Therefore, this package of action plan can be interpreted as a set of targeted policies and measures given by the current government for environmental pollution

the upcoming action plan will put forward stricter environmental governance objectives, and the intensity of relevant governance measures will be further increased. It is worth noting that at the recent Shanxi provincial environmental protection work conference, PM2.5 has been initially proposed as a binding assessment index. With the introduction of the action plan, the work of not excluding water and air pollution will be gradually included in the binding assessment indicators of governments at all levels

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