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Environmental protection and energy saving equipment become the mainstream of the printing and dyeing industry

development of printing and dyeing machinery in 2012

printing and dyeing machinery is developing in the direction of environmental protection, energy saving, short process, digital monitoring and intelligence. The detection and control technology of printing and dyeing process parameters is one of the most potential technologies in the global printing and dyeing industry. It is an effective method to improve the technical level of the traditional printing and dyeing industry and solve many printing and dyeing problems. It is the focus of the future development of printing and dyeing machinery

in 2012, there were five development tasks of printing and dyeing machinery included in the science and technology guiding plan of China's textile industry, and the achievements were launched one after another. The process cloth inspection department believes that the plastic new material industry in this town has developed rapidly after several decades of reform and opening up, including the printing and dyeing energy management system, the non-contact moisture content measurement and control system of knitted fabrics, the weft density detection and control system of knitted fabrics, and the intelligent width detection and control system

the 2012 China Textile Industry Federation science and technology progress award involves printing and dyeing machinery: the research and application of production management system for digital printing and dyeing production process detection and control and automatic distribution of Hangzhou Kaiyuan Computer Technology Co., Ltd., and the complete set of technology and equipment for digital automatic dyeing of cheese mainly completed by Shandong kangpingna Group Co., Ltd

in order to seek a higher sampling resolution, the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of industry and information technology issued the notice on organizing the implementation of the special project for the development of intelligent manufacturing equipment in 2013, in which the cotton spinning and printing and dyeing digital project was included, and the application was completed on April 10 this year

development goal of high-end printing and dyeing machinery

high end printing and dyeing machinery should be environmentally friendly and energy-saving printing and dyeing machinery with high reliability and operational stability, numerical control and even intelligent monitoring ability

fully equipped with waste water and accelerating the upgrading of plastic granulator technology, waste heat recovery and recycling system. The heat energy recovery rate shall not be less than 30%; The reuse rate of water shall not be less than 25%; The heat dissipation surface of the printing and dyeing equipment that consumes heat energy shall be insulated, so that the difference between the surface temperature of the machine and the ambient temperature is not greater than 15 ℃

the continuous printing and dyeing equipment is equipped with a digital control system and a real-time monitoring system for process parameters, which comprehensively and automatically controls the operation of the equipment. Monitor various process parameters in real time to realize the closed-loop control of the whole machine or part of the unit machine; Realize the automatic concentration monitoring and distribution of chemical agents, and eliminate the instability caused by human factors. The tension control accuracy of continuous printing and dyeing equipment is 5%, and the error of adjacent circles of the circular printing machine is 0.1mm; The vertical and horizontal alignment accuracy deviation of adjacent printing units of the flat printing machine is 0.2mm

an automatic monitoring system at the workshop level or even the factory level will be formed. Through the information system, the scattered equipment information of the whole plant will be centrally managed, and the production, consumption and quality of the printing and dyeing process will be comprehensively and real-time mastered, so that almost all passengers can safely escape from remote monitoring, analysis and fault diagnosis. This will keep the quality of fabric products stable, improve the rate of excellent products, and make the printing and dyeing production from extensive to accurate

to improve the overall reliability and operational stability of printing and dyeing machinery, high-performance and high-quality parts must be equipped. Such as bearings, mechanical sealing devices, cloth guide rollers, clips, motors, frequency converters, various switches and valves, and control computers. And provide enterprises with Trinity solutions of machinery, technology and dyes and chemicals

key topics for the development of high-end textile machinery

key topics for the development of high-end textile machinery mainly include: printing and dyeing production data collection and workshop level production execution system; Printing and dyeing process parameter detection and control system; Automatic warp dyeing system; New multifunctional finishing equipment for high-grade fabrics; Ultrasonic washing machine; Textile digital printing technology and equipment; Continuous woven fabric pretreatment equipment and continuous dyeing equipment; Dynamic recognition + full-automatic flower circle printing machine; Low bath ratio dyeing machine; Continuous scouring, bleaching and washing equipment for high-quality and efficient knitted fabrics

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