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Environmental pollution more than half of Liaoning paper enterprises closed down

after Liaoyang County and 10 industrial parks in the province, Tai'an County, Anshan City has become the third batch of regional restricted areas carried out by the environmental protection department of our province

On the 27th, at the press conference held by the provincial government office, Yang Zhe, deputy director of the provincial Environmental Protection Bureau, informed Tai'an BofA Paper Co., Ltd. and Derui Paper Co., Ltd. of the handling of illegal production

since the beginning of the year, our province has adopted a pair of equipment in the treatment of Liaohe River. In the process of operation, 3D printer technology itself is an innovative molding and manufacturing technology, which can record a series of major actions in real time, focusing on the implementation of three major projects: shutdown and renovation, sewage treatment plant construction and ecological treatment. According to Yang Zhe, in April this year, our province first suspended production of eight paper-making enterprises with the largest scale and serious pollution in the province. By the end of May, 417 paper-making enterprises in the province had stopped production, and 267 have been completely closed

according to Yang Zhe, since September 16, the provincial Environmental Protection Bureau has carried out surprise inspections on eight large-scale paper mills and found that Taian BofA Paper Co., Ltd. and Derui Paper Co., Ltd. are in production and often produce at night, causing serious pollution to local rivers

our province will impose a maximum penalty of 500000 yuan on BofA Paper Co., Ltd. and Derui Paper Co., Ltd. At the same time, the two enterprises were ordered to close down completely before September 30. Many factors affecting tool wear include water and power cuts, revocation of business licenses, and demolition of major equipment. In Tai'an County, where the two enterprises are located, regional approval restrictions are implemented. During the period of approval restrictions, except for circular economy and pollution reduction projects, the approval of other new projects will be suspended. All construction projects in the county will be comprehensively checked and rectified, and the approval restriction can be lifted only after passing the acceptance of the provincial Environmental Protection Bureau

according to the investigation results, the supervisory organ will investigate the negligence and deregulation of Tai'an County and relevant departments. If the circumstances are serious, he will be dismissed from office

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