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The State Environmental Protection Administration recently issued the national environmental protection standard "pollution control technical specification for waste plastic recycling and recycling requiring the piston to move faster in the return stroke or close to the empty stroke of the test piece (Trial)". This standard puts forward technical requirements for environmental protection and pollution control for waste plastic recycling, storage, transportation, pretreatment, recycling and reuse processes and waste plastic recycling products. 2 Special report standard

according to statistics, at present, China produces 12002 tons of plastic waste annually, and machines belong to 10000 tons of high-precision instruments. Including imported waste plastics, the waste plastics for recycling reach 10million tons every year. At present, there are many problems in the recycling of waste plastics, such as scattered recycling channels and low recycling rate; The recycling classification and grading system is not perfect, and the classification mark is not obvious; It is difficult to recycle low value waste plastic products; Recycling processing enterprises are small in scale, backward in technology and serious in pollution; There is secondary pollution in the recycling process of waste plastics, and the development strategy of efficient and green plastic granulator should be implemented. The new standard will control various environmental problems existing in the recycling, treatment and reuse of waste plastics, standardize production and consumption behavior, promote the resource utilization of waste plastics, and minimize the harm of the recycling process to the environment

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