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Environmental protection and health Jotun launched environmental protection paint

wall paint and furniture paint are the main sources of indoor air pollution. Therefore, the use of environmentally friendly paint in home is not only a move to protect the environment and protect the current earth, but also will not endanger human health

did you know that the degree of air pollution in our home space is three times that of outdoor air, and the air pollution in indoor space is considered by the National Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as one of the biggest threats to human health

indoor, so this paper does not describe the mechanical properties of materials. What are the sources of pollution? The study found that wall paint and furniture paint are actually the main sources of indoor air pollution

volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are harmful substances released from wall paint and furniture paint at home. According to international standards, the definition of VOC content is: "the total volatile content in paint minus the moisture content, that is, the volatile organic compound content in paint."

in the sense of environmental protection, non volatilization or not participating in atmospheric photochemical reaction does not pose a hazard. However, it is obvious that in the process of home decoration, VOC in paint and paint is absolutely a threat to human health, and it is necessary to use a multimeter to measure the smoothness of the printed circuit. Therefore, all countries have limited the VOC content in paint and other decorative materials. Under such requirements and specifications, many manufacturers have invested in the production of low VOC and zero VOC paints and coatings

the "industrial trend" of gray and indigo can easily realize the functions of extending and retracting the piston, which is suitable for homes with a strong sense of modernity

using environmental friendly paint in home is not only an action to protect the environment and the earth, but also will not endanger human health. In addition to strictly controlling VOC, environmental friendly paint can effectively prevent the respiratory system from inhaling carcinogenic chemicals produced by phenol and formaldehyde mixed into ordinary paint. It also reduces the risk of children suffering from asthma and other sensitive symptoms such as lungs, eyes and skin

jotunpaint, which has been in Singapore for 9 years, recently launched the new series of majestic Ecohealth paints. Both the base paint and the coloring paint are 100% free of alkyl phenol polyoxyethylene ether (APEO), formaldehyde and heavy metals. It brings non-toxic, pollution-free and odor free air quality to indoor homes, which is certified by the productivity and Standards Bureau (PSB) of the government of Singapore and the Singapore green label. This product is also widely used in local hospitals, nurseries and kindergartens

this series of paints contain anti-bacterial and anti fungal formulas, which can effectively prevent the growth and spread of microorganisms on household walls, so any discomfort, sensitivity and disease risk caused by dirty walls can be avoided

environmental protection color keeps up with the trend

in addition, the majesticecohealth series also has the characteristics of easy to wipe and clean that ordinary paint materials do not have. No matter how stubborn dirt, oil, blood and sauce are, as long as you wipe it gently, you can immediately clean it and never damage the color of the wall

jotunpint's color designer is lisbethlarsen, a Norwegian color expert. She has a fashion background and loves tourism. Travel between different countries, observation of colorful cultures, and dialogue between multiple races are the sources of her color inspiration

she said, "this season, we have resumed our exploration of nature and explored the beauty of nature again - clear water, fresh air and bright light and shadow are all natural elements that awaken the feeling of beauty." Her unique vision brings surprising possibilities and a strong sense of fashion to the paint color

the paint color system of this season allows us to roam in the paradise full of natural colors: looking for a tranquility in the urban corner in the "urban nature" with brown and ochre as the main tone; Enjoy the lakes and mountains of Scandinavia in the "Nordic dream" dominated by cyan and blue; Return to a simple and peaceful state of mind in the "white Minimalism" with beige and white as the main tone; Wander in the "florallife" with purple and pink as the main tone; Feel the modern life civilization in the "industrial trend" of gray and indigo

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