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Environmental issues attract attention Luquan paper mill and other high polluting enterprises were shut down recently, Luquan environmental protection law enforcement team issued a notice of closure within a time limit to nine high polluting and backward small enterprises such as beiguyi paper mill in the city, thus opening the prelude to standardized supervision and strict investigation of small polluting enterprises

according to the standardized supervision plan, this year, Luquan City subdivided all pollutant discharge enterprises according to the enterprise size, pollutant discharge type and quantity, delimited the supervision scope, established the pollutant discharge supervision account, and implemented piecemeal and standardized management. Up to now, the city has issued a deadline treatment notice to 32 key enterprises, and 7 small pollution workshops have been reduced to simplify and facilitate the people and enterprises

after the shutdown of all small cement enterprises in China, since last year, Luquan City has implemented the amplifier that can automatically zero, calibrate and shift. The warehouse clearing, transformation and upgrading of cement powder enterprises and the shutdown of quarrying enterprises Jinan assaying. Each measuring tool has its own measuring range industry. All cement mills below 3 meters have been dismantled, 13 quarrying enterprises have been shut down, and the cement production capacity has been eliminated by 10.85 million tons

at the same time, 12 enterprises including Luquan Pingfa paper mill and Luquan Shaoying paper mill, which have backward production processes and low production capacity, were shut down, and 9 emission reduction projects such as low nitrogen combustion transformation of 8 cement clinker dry rotary kiln production lines of Jinyu Dingxin and Quzhai cement with a total investment of 11.2 million yuan and desulfurization of dual chemical boilers were implemented

with the change of environmental protection situation, the existing supervision mode has been difficult to meet the needs of modern environmental protection supervision, and the sewage discharge behavior of some remote and small-scale polluting enterprises is difficult to be found. In this regard, Luquan City has fully tapped the regulatory potential of township level enterprises, launched a three-level standardized regulatory model of Township, village and enterprise, and subdivided the cooling oil according to the size of the enterprise and the type and quantity of sewage discharge. 10. According to the situation, it has delimited the regulatory scope: coal, foundry, cement and other enterprises are listed as key regulatory enterprises

at present, the 14 towns (districts) in the city have established environmental protection offices composed of 2 to 3 people according to their area and population, which are responsible for environmental protection supervision in their respective jurisdictions, timely reporting illegal sewage discharge behaviors found, and controlling illegal sewage discharge behaviors in the bud

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