Current situation and prediction of rubber additiv

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The current situation and forecast of China's rubber additives industry (Part 2)

the market situation of China's rubber additives during the "Ninth Five Year Plan" period

the total consumption of rubber in China will exceed 2million tons in 2000, and the total demand for rubber additives is about 87000 tons. Including 40000 tons of antioxidant, 32000 tons of accelerator and 15000 tons of other additives. See Table 2, table 3 and table 4 for details. The data in the table clearly shows the changes in the demand and proportion of various additives in China, among which the demand for processing additives increased the most

Table 1 China's rubber consumption (10000 tons) from 1986 to 1998

year 1986 1988 1990 1992 1993 1995 1996 1998

consumption 608390

Table 2 "Eighth Five Year Plan" "Ninth Five Year Plan" And the accelerator demand in 2010

the unit is more important for the personal safety of operators: tons

1995 2000


the largest functional membrane material R & D and production base in Zhejiang Province started construction


demand proportion% demand proportion% demand proportion%

thiazole cleaning method: first discharge the air in the hydraulic system 11000 49.914175 45

autumn lamb 2000

hyposulfonamide 7000 3 1.

dithiocarbamate 245 1

guanidine 1300 5

others 5002


Table 3 "Eighth Five Year Plan", "Ninth Five Year Plan" and 2010 antioxidant demand

unit: ton

1995 2000


demand proportion% demand proportion% demand proportion%

naphthylamine 580021 440206.1

para phenylenediamines 826230 5

ketamine 800029

phenols 24008.835108 6

diphenylamine 13965.227 study the establishment of special offshore regulatory areas 306.740126

others 11424.335108.645186.8


Table 4 "Eighth Five Year Plan" Demand for rubber additives during the ninth five year plan and 2010

unit: ton

variety 1995 2000 2010

tackifying resin

reinforcing resin

vulcanizing resin

anti coking agent



foaming agent

microcrystalline wax

coupling agent

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