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Current situation and Prospect of wine packaging differentiation (I)

packaging is an important part of product entities and a tool for enterprises to carry out promotional activities. Good packaging can arouse consumers' purchase interest and trigger their purchase motivation. Through the analysis of the differentiation of wine packaging, enterprises can innovate packaging design, design better excellent packaging that can highlight product personality, beautify brand image and attract consumers, coupled with appropriate price strategies and promotion strategies, induce consumers' purchase motivation, fully meet consumers' differentiated needs, and bring better business performance and sales profits to enterprises

wine packaging and its role in wine marketing

composition of wine packaging

wine belongs to the category of consumer goods, which has the characteristics of wide distribution of consumers, small number of consumers each time, and high frequency of purchase, Enterprises must rely on middlemen and transportation service departments to achieve the purpose of wide distribution of wine products in the short term "]. In addition, due to the liquid characteristics of wine product entities and strong liquidity, packaging has become a necessary part of wine products entering the market circulation and consumer consumption.

wine packaging can be divided into outer packaging and inner packaging. Packaging and its attached parts in direct contact with wine bodies are called inner packaging, such as wine bottles, corks, rubber caps and labels. Packaging other than inner packaging is convenient for commercial circulation And the packaging for bulk sales is called the outer packaging of wine, such as cartons (boxes), wooden cases (boxes), cloth bags, etc. The outer packaging has a protective effect on the inner packaging. Because it is a batch packaging, the outer packaging also has the functions of convenient storage, transportation, warehouse inventory, etc

the role of packaging in wine marketing

from bottling, wholesale, commercial retail to final consumption, packaging has always played an important role, which can be summarized in the following aspects

protect wine. The grinding belt of wine packaging will produce fracture and wear, which can protect the wine from harmful bacteria or microorganisms, prevent the oxidation, deterioration or loss of wine, effectively protect the stability of wine quality, and maintain the unique style and typicality of wine. This is the basic purpose of wine packaging and the physical function of wine packaging

convenient for transportation, carrying and storage. The wine body is liquid. Only with the help of appropriate packaging, can it be transported, carried and stored, and ensure the safety in storage and transportation

easy to purchase and use. If the wine is not packaged, it is difficult to display the wine, and it is also difficult to count, count and sell. With packaging, it brings great convenience to wine marketing. From the perspective of consumers, wine can be easily purchased, carried, kept and consumed by China's export printed matter supply of about US $3.8 billion through certain forms of packaging. At the same time, with the help of the instructions printed on wine packaging, consumers can easily understand the drinking and storage methods of wine

beautify wine and promote sales. After the polyurea waterproof layer of the high-speed railway bridge developed disease problems, the first thing that entered the consumer's vision after the packaging of grape wine was often not the wine itself, but the packaging of wine. "Buddha depends on gold, people on clothes, and goods on packaging". Good packaging can arouse consumers' interest and trigger their purchase motivation, so they become "silent salesmen". The inherent quality of wine is the basis of wine market competitiveness, but if a high-quality wine is not matched with high-quality packaging, its market competitiveness will be greatly weakened. In addition, due to the diversification of packaging materials and the development of packaging technology, the function of wine packaging in protecting wine body and facilitating circulation has been gradually weakened, while the role of friction in attracting consumption and promoting sellers 2 is relatively large, and the role of short service life has been strengthened. More and more enterprises take packaging as an important tool to implement differentiated marketing of wine products

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