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Current situation and Prospect of China's packaging machinery industry products (Part 2)

3 quality problems and cause analysis

3.1 enterprises are affected by the external market and internal management reasons

with the continuous deepening of reform and China's transition from a planned economy to a market economy, the number of private enterprises in packaging machinery production enterprises continues to increase. The factory passed the approval of Wujin District Environmental Protection Bureau last March, Packaging machinery products have changed from the original short supply to oversupply, and the market competition is extremely fierce. Compared with other packaging machinery, the product structure of some packaging machinery is relatively simple, and there are supporting parts and components, so it is very easy to organize production, even three or five people can produce. Some small workshop enterprises lack quality awareness. In order to sell more products and occupy the market, they adopt vicious competition means and cut corners in order to reduce costs, resulting in an increase in unqualified products

some enterprises do not enter. 3. Close the oil return valve for in-depth analysis and research. In order to save materials and processing costs, for example, some vacuum packaging machine industries arbitrarily reduce the thickness of the stainless steel plate of the box. The thickness of the plate of the box is not enough to withstand the low vacuum pressure for a long time. Users report that the cover of the box will break after half a year of use

in order to reduce costs, some enterprises use vacuum pumps with poor performance, small vacuum pumps for large vacuum chambers, or two small vacuum pumps instead of one large vacuum pump, which reduces production efficiency

some enterprises choose electrical components with poor reliability, resulting in unstable operation performance, short service life, slightly longer service time, quality problems are exposed, and users have more complaints

although some of the items mentioned above are not within the standard requirements or inspection items, they are hidden in the poor product quality. This kind of material has been optimized for strength and toughness, which is also the reason for many user complaints. Therefore, although the pass rate reflected by the two random inspections is not very low, it cannot be said that our product quality is very optimistic

3.2 removal method of poor mark awareness of products: turn on the oil pump

the label of the product should be fixed on the obvious part of the product, and the main technical parameters should be indicated so that users can operate and use it correctly. Some enterprises have no label or instruction manual, which brings inconvenience to users and even unsafe factors. In addition, the spot check also found that some products did not have grounding devices. Except for the vacuum packaging machine products of 6 enterprises with obvious grounding marks, the products of other enterprises did not, but it was significantly better than the spot check of the last strapping machine, indicating that the safety awareness of enterprises has been strengthened, and the weak product safety awareness of enterprises has become a common problem in the packaging machinery industry

the enterprises with high quality in the two spot checks have common characteristics, perfect technical equipment and inspection means, strict internal management of the factory, most of which have passed the ISO 9000 quality system certification, and have a complete and strict quality management system. The products not only pay attention to the internal quality, but also pay attention to the safety and convenience of the operator. The internal quality, appearance quality and operation performance of the products are good, and the inspection items are not only qualified, And the indicators of its key projects are far beyond the standard requirements

the spot check will help to further understand and grasp the development trends of the industry, provide direction for enterprises to improve product quality, provide basis for the government's macro decision-making, and also help relevant departments actively organize and guide the production and quality management of enterprises

in the spot check, we found that at present, China's packaging machinery enterprises are relatively small in scale, imperfect in technical equipment, relatively low in management level, weak in self-development and technical design and development ability, and single in product variety. The technical content and added value of products are low: the development cycle of new products is long, and they cannot respond to the needs of the market in time and provide products urgently needed by the market and users in time. The main energy of enterprises is spent on the expansion of quantity. The investment in the improvement of quality and scientific and technological progress is seriously insufficient. The products are repeated at a low level. Many enterprises produce the same products, so many products cannot be sold. Low price competition has threatened the survival of enterprises; In addition, the product safety protection measures are poor, and the safety awareness is not strong, which leads to the low competitiveness of domestic products with foreign markets

at present, packaging machinery products in China generally have unstable quality, single performance, high cost and low technical content. With China's entry into the World Trade Organization (WTO), the entry of international advanced technology, equipment and management experience is bound to have a huge impact on China's newly developed packaging machinery industry, and enterprises are facing unprecedented severe tests

"the wolf is coming!", We should give full play to our own advantages according to our own characteristics. In order to seek better and long-term development, packaging machinery enterprises must constantly develop new products, improve the technical gold content of products and the reliability of machinery to adapt to the current rapidly changing development situation, standardize high-quality service standards, and strive to do a good job in after-sales service. Only in this way can packaging machinery enterprises develop better and have the strength to compete with "wolves", and even go abroad to compete with the products of foreign advanced enterprises and "dance with Wolves"

the ever-changing packaging corresponds to a wide variety of packaging machinery. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people's consumption mode has changed from food and clothing to enjoyment, and the market that packaging machinery can open up is becoming larger and larger. Some of our enterprises often like to focus on a piece of "cake" and compete with each other. Why can't we broaden our horizons and join forces to expand the "cake", or open up new fields to make their own "cheese"

it is hoped that packaging machinery enterprises should participate in more industrial technology exchange activities, exchange information with each other, learn advanced management experience, improve process equipment, enhance quality awareness, and further improve product quality

we found in the entrusted inspection for enterprises that some enterprises are voluntarily doing reliability tests to find out possible quality problems and potential safety hazards. This spirit makes us very moved. If we packaging machinery enterprises can really realize that "product quality is the life of an enterprise" is not a fashionable clich é, but a truth, can our product quality be bad, and can our enterprise be underdeveloped

as industry workers, we sincerely hope that packaging machinery enterprises can continuously improve their overall quality, strengthen quality management, and continuously improve their technical level and develop new products, so as to remain invincible in the increasingly competitive market

we are willing to provide information, services and technical support for enterprises, and build a platform for enterprises to communicate information. Let's join hands to improve the overall level of the packaging machinery industry and strive to explore, revitalize our common industry and create a brilliant future for national industry

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