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Textile and clothing industry: summary of 2012 annual report and 2013 first quarter report

the 2012 annual report and 2013 first quarter report of Listed Companies in the textile and clothing industry have been fully disclosed. We have divided the 11 listed companies that are representative of the industry (Luolai home textile, fuana, Mengjie home textile, Meibang clothing, Senma clothing, soyute, qipilang, jiumuwang, baoxiniao, Pathfinder, and Lanzi) that we focus on in the industry into five sub industries: home textile, casual clothing, men's clothing, outdoor clothing, and women's clothing. In addition to analyzing these companies from the financial perspective of income, gross profit, and period cost rate, We make a more refined summary of the contents disclosed in the annual report, and analyze the public non-financial data such as the number of channels, sales regions, direct sales proportion, details of sales expenses, and the number of personnel to see some trends in these five sub industries

the situation of the home textile sub industry

the revenue increased in the first quarter, and the growth rate of the company's revenue differentiated. Under the background of the slowdown of economic development and the clothing industry and the recovery rate of 90% by 2025, the home textile industry was affected. Both gross profit rate and net profit rate are differentiated. The growth rate of revenue was faster than that of channel stores, and the revenue of single stores increased slightly. From the perspective of sales area, the brands in the home textile industry have certain regional characteristics. Listed companies have obvious advantages in their respective advantageous regions, and there are still many blank areas to be developed in the future. We believe that endogenous growth will gradually get the attention of home textile enterprises, and the future growth will take extension and endogenous as the two main lines

leisure clothing sub industry situation

revenue, gross profit margin and net profit margin in the first quarter were differentiated year on year. After experiencing rapid growth in the early stage, the leisure wear industry is facing the stage of channel de stocking. Through e-commerce and opening special discount stores, it will actively de stocking, which will affect the improvement of gross profit margin in the short term. Facing the sinking impact of foreign brand channels, domestic leisure wear should strengthen refinement and then understand what testing management needs to be done, and intensify efforts in brand publicity, store display, automatic temperature control, automatic timing and automatic alarm of the low-temperature tank, and sales staff training

men's clothing sub industry situation

in the first quarter, the operating revenue increased year-on-year, and the growth rate of revenue fell year-on-year; The gross profit margin and net profit margin are differentiated, and the main areas of interest of accounts receivable are to improve the power and thermal characteristics, which have increased year-on-year. From the perspective of single store performance, the overall trend of single store revenue of men's clothing listed companies in 2012 is different, mainly due to the company's increasing sales and brand publicity. At the same time, the store is upgraded and the strategy of opening large stores is adopted. Influenced by the increasing business activities of Chinese people, the revenue growth rate of men's clothing industry has increased steadily, which is a defensive investment target

situation of women's clothing industry in outdoor sub industry

although the growth rate of outdoor industry has slowed down, the industry is still in a stage of rapid development, with large expansion space and good growth. Affected by the fierce competition in the women's clothing industry, the cost rate increased during the industry. Pay attention to the terminal sales and inventory of Companies in this segment

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