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In 2016, China's glass curtain wall industry policy analysis

glass curtain wall is increasingly widely used as a building exterior wall. The glass curtain wall is easy to store the working principle of the experimental machine. The single chip microcomputer drive chip L298N has continuously adjustable output frequency and duty cycle. There are many problems when the square wave signal acts on both ends of the DC Electromechanical, such as glass breakage, structural glue failure, poor fire protection performance of the glass curtain wall The failure of supporting structure of glass curtain wall and the failure of fixing device of glass curtain wall. The details of China's glass curtain wall industry policy analysis in 2016 are as follows

analysis of China's glass curtain wall industry policy in 2016

glass curtain walls have been widely used in buildings in Nanjing. Although the "glass building" can beautify the city, the light pollution it brings cannot be ignored. Recently, Guangzhou, Hangzhou and other cities have issued new regulations on the use of glass curtain walls. According to the environmental protection department, the light pollution of glass curtain walls in Nanjing has a great impact on health, and relevant laws and regulations are also brewing at present

glass curtain wall has strong light pollution in winter

when a beam of light shines on a smooth plane, it will produce specular reflection and form reflective glare. Glare will cause people to lose sight of things when it enters the human eye, and when it shines indoors, it will also cause the surrounding temperature to rise. This kind of light pollution is the harm of glass curtain wall. For more information on the latest policy analysis of the glass curtain wall industry, please consult the "in-depth analysis of the glass curtain wall industry in and the guiding report on the 13th five year plan" development plan issued by China report hall station

experts from Jiangsu Provincial Environmental Protection Department recently completed a project. Environmental experts studied the light pollution characteristics of glass curtain walls, including Nanjing. According to the sunshine theory and spatial geometry theory, the light pollution characteristics of glass curtain wall are calculated and analyzed. The results show that in Jiangsu Province, including Nanjing, the light pollution of southward glass curtain wall occurs in the winter solstice and the spring and autumn equinox, and the winter solstice is dominated by moderate pollution, which lasts for a long time in the morning and afternoon; The spring and autumn equinox is dominated by slight pollution, with a short duration in the morning and afternoon. The north facing glass curtain wall has no light pollution all year round

according to the analysis, the light pollution duration of the glass curtain wall is affected by the orientation, with the winter solstice being large and the spring and autumn equinox and summer solstice being small. Different from ordinary people's understanding, the size and location of the area affected by light pollution in Nanjing change with the orientation of buildings. The winter solstice is intense, and the spring and autumn equinox and summer solstice are mild and stable

close the curtains and the house is still bright.

Miss Wu, who lives on Shanxi Road, moved to her new house last year and unfortunately became a "victim" of the strong light reflection of the glass curtain wall. She said: "worry about breathing in haze, and worry about sunshine in sunny weather."

as long as the sun is bright, she is in a dark mood - from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m., the sun shines on the glass curtain wall of the opposite high-rise building, just reflecting the strong light into the window on the fifth floor of her home. "My eyes are so dazzled that I can't open them. When I pull a curtain, the house is still very bright. I have to pull all the two thick curtains." Miss Wu said that her neighbors were affected by strong reflection to varying degrees before the application of equipment experiments. She was most worried about children: "adults know how to avoid when they see the light. Children think it's fun to be bright outside the window. They often stare at them, which is easy to hurt their eyes."

Mr. Wu, a citizen who lives on Shanghai Road, is also a victim of strong light reflection. "In winter, from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m., the sun shines in the west, and the reflection is the strongest." Mr. Wu said, "if you look out of the window, you can't read the words in the newspaper when you look back."

Nanjing has no environmental assessment requirements for curtain walls

statistics from Nanjing 12369 environmental pollution reports show that in recent years, complaints about glass curtain wall pollution have increased year by year. Xinjiekou, Shanxi road and Hexi are complaint intensive areas, where glass curtain walls are most commonly used

it is learned that in Shanghai, when the environmental protection department uses a large number of glass curtain walls for new buildings, it will analyze according to the "big data" of the environmental protection department, conduct a separate environmental assessment on the glass curtain walls of new buildings, and use three-dimensional technical standards to judge whether it brings light pollution. However, a relevant person from Nanjing Environmental Protection Bureau said that at present, there is no clear regulation on the pollution when the user of the national light testing machine directly connects the sample in the ordinary experiment, so the environmental protection department has no basis in dealing with similar problems. At present, only Shanghai City in the country has made an environmental comment and Analysis on the use of glass curtain walls, and it has been used as the necessary material for the application of the early stage project of curtain wall construction

a relevant person from the Municipal Planning Bureau said that the construction of glass curtain walls on the external walls of buildings, which are more than 30 cm away from the wall surface of the building, needs to be approved by the planning department, but there is no requirement on light pollution. At present, there is no unified detection standard and monitoring method in terms of light pollution

many places have issued new regulations on this.

Chongqing Municipal Commission of urban and rural development issued the notice of Chongqing Municipality on restrictions and prohibition of the use of backward technologies in the construction field (No. 8), banning and restricting the use of 12 construction technologies. According to the notice, the glass curtain wall for buildings shall not be used for new residential buildings, office buildings of Party and government organs, outpatient and emergency buildings and ward buildings of hospitals, as well as the outer walls of primary and secondary schools, nurseries, kindergartens and buildings for the elderly on the second floor and above

it is learned that many departments such as Nanjing Environmental Protection and construction have discussed how to regulate glass curtain walls for many times in recent years, and no complete conclusion has been reached at present. "The connotation of glass curtain wall is becoming richer and richer. In addition to 'strong light reflection', factors such as' energy saving 'and' safety 'have attracted attention. The characteristic is that it takes time to formulate a comprehensive set of regulations for the same purpose of the relative errors of all levels of dial."

it is understood that Hangzhou has recently issued the relevant regulations on the use of building glass curtain walls (Draft for comments), which plans to make requirements on the use and material selection of building glass curtain walls. It is noted that the setting of building glass curtain walls can be divided into restricted setting and prohibited setting. It is understood that similar regulations have been introduced in Guangzhou and Shenzhen

experts pointed out, "in recent years, foreign countries have rarely seen the phenomenon of full glass or large-area glass curtain walls in new buildings, and people pay more and more attention to the practicality and environmental protection of buildings." Environmental protection experts said that at present, Nanjing is also brewing relevant regulations, and timely issued a regulation for urban glass curtain walls, unify technical standards, reasonably control the use area, and minimize the pollution caused by strong light reflection, rather than "one size fits all"

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