Analysis of common faults of the hottest poly Bida

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Analysis of common faults of gaobaoli Bida four-color offset press

fault 1

when pressing the first color combination, sometimes there is no pressure, and the phenomenon is the same when pressing manually. Check the voltage closing electromagnet coil. The resistance value is normal, but it is sometimes absent when the 24V power supply is on. A green indicator light of X10 of WP12 is on or off. Check that the output module in the electric cabinet has output indications every time, but there is no voltage output. It is suspected that the micro relay in the output module is damaged. After exchanging the output modules 50a4 and 50a5, the voltage is normal. After removing the 50a4 board and replacing the micro relay, the machine works normally

fault 2

the first group of plate printing motor does not work, and the plate cannot be printed in the circumferential and axial directions, but there is a plate printing display at the colortronic window. Check registermodule129, 24V power supply voltage is normal, and the indicator light of monitoring can be set arbitrarily in the output result of the experimental results: the maximum force value and elongation are indicated when printing, ur+-. Sr + - can be adjusted, but there is no voltage output at P1 socket. The potentiometer (1K Ω) at the P8 plug is normal, and the output of the printing motor is 4a, with protection. It is suspected that the positioning controller is broken. After changing the positioning controller, the printing motor works normally

fault 3

there is an electric bell, but there is no inching and no operation. Check the safety circuit and consider that the specificity and durability of the method are normal, the input signal is normal, but there is no band brake sound absorption, 99k4 does not absorb, and 24y1 has no power. Check the control output circuit board 70a5 (mcif23 board number is 495052), and find that its X3/7 (maindrive brake) and X3/8 (main driverampon) output indicators are not on, indicating that there is no signal output, so remove 70a5. It is suspected that the micro relay may be broken, but check the coil of the relay. The resistance value is normal, and the normally open contact is normal. Then check the connection between the output point and the relay. It is found that there are red marks on the two small capacitance pins of C67 and C68. Take down the two capacitors for measurement, and they are both broken (model 103k100v). Kobe Steel Co., Ltd. has participated in many previous aluminum exhibitions. After changing the capacitor with the same specification, the fault is eliminated and the machine operates normally

fault 4

when the power supply of the electric cabinet is switched on, there is sometimes a buzzing sound when it is running, there is sometimes no inching, and sometimes there is no reaction when pressing the positive and negative inching; Sometimes, when the water roller motor of any unit is turned on, the machine will automatically rotate and operate normally for about 1 hour. The fault is uncertain, irregular and chaotic. At the beginning, there is really no paddle hole with the sequence of 35, 50, 75 and up φ According to the numbers printed around the paddle, I don't know how to find the fault. Because 70a4. 70a5, 80a4 and 80a5 are the main control boards (mcif23), and the models are the same and interchangeable, so the method of exchanging the control circuit boards in the electric cabinet is adopted, but the fault remains. Exchange circuit boards 50a4 and 50a5 (mcif22 board number is 495001). When 50a5 is changed to the position of 50a4, the machine can operate and inching is normal, but the shield of each unit cannot be lifted, and the safety circuit will be powered off as soon as the shield is lifted. When the circuit board is replaced back to the original position, the machine has no electric bell and jog function, indicating that 50a4 is faulty. Since there is no spare board, check the miniature relays on the board one by one. The 18 and 19 pins of the integrated circuit IC2 (udn2987a) are not in good contact. Clean it with alcohol and reinstall it on the machine. The machine can be inched and the safety circuit is normal after lifting the cover

it was thought that the fault had been solved, but after several hours of startup, the fault of automatic operation of the machine when the water boiling roller occurred. Measure the voltage of X7/3 pin (incheversedeliveryside) of 50a4 to the ground, and there is a voltage of about 8V. When a group of water roller motors are turned on, the voltage rises by 2V, sometimes 1V does not exist. Cut the X7/3 line, the machine works normally, the above faults disappear, and the transmission. The anti dot at the paper receipt is normal, but there is no anti dot in each unit. Check that the anti dot button switches of each unit are normal one by one, and check the dwp12 circuit board of each unit. It is found that there are traces of old fountain solution corrosion at the X1 socket of dwp12 board of the second group. Measure the resistance of 20 pins (machineinchreserve) and 13 pins (damrollerautomatic) to 450 Ω. From the observation and analysis of the fault point, the board once had water dripping on X1 due to water leakage from the bucket. Over time, rust marks were produced on the back of the socket, forming the phenomenon of power connection. Clean the back of the socket with detergent and alcohol, and then try the machine again with the help of a needle. Everything is normal, and the above faults are eliminated

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