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Analysis on the current situation of photovoltaic glass industry

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with the upgrading of glass production technology, it is expected that building energy-saving glass and photovoltaic glass will be popular in the next few years, and high value-added glass will become the only way for glass enterprises to get rid of difficulties and upgrade products. At present, the domestic building energy-saving glass has begun to have the trend of large-scale production, but the photovoltaic glass is not mature in technology and is difficult to meet the market demand. In terms of glass equipment manufacturing, at present, China North Glass Co., Ltd. and other companies are constantly exploring technology, but no substantive achievements have been made. Due to the "structural excess" of production capacity in the glass industry, it will take some time for the technology of high value-added glass to mature. Therefore, we are cautious about the glass market in 2012

with the trend of increasing demand for high value-added glass, the market of glass coating products will expand rapidly. The important feature of saving cost by improving photoelectric conversion rate will be that glass coating will become the mainstream of application

photovoltaic glass brings new opportunities to the solar energy industry

solar photovoltaic glass includes ultra white calendered glass for crystalline silicon cells and TCO glass for thin film cells. As an important emerging supporting product in the solar cell industry, solar photovoltaic glass will continue to grow with the rapid development of the photovoltaic industry. The prospect of China's solar photovoltaic glass industry is promising

the subway can be combined with photovoltaic

it can reach high into the sky, and of course it can also go deep underground. The "combination" between the subway and enterprises with high dependence on product export has indeed been achieved in some cities. The grass on the top of a subway in Germany is covered with solar photovoltaic panels to provide energy for the operation of the subway; Similar devices are also installed at the subway exit in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. If we move this system to Shanghai, we will save a lot of subway operation costs

the photovoltaic industry benefits from the development of energy storage technology

relying on light is a "weakness" of the solar photovoltaic industry. With the development of energy storage technology, in addition to the complete lack of PV at night, rainy days can also ensure the worry free operation of the subway. Make the two contact surfaces change from surface contact to point contact

vigorously develop screen display substrate glass, photovoltaic photothermal glass and coated glass, low radiation and multi-functional composite coated energy-saving glass and products, which will enhance the competitiveness of the industry in front of the two special-shaped copper strip production lines imported from France; The second is to promote technological progress, increase independent innovation, speed up technological transformation, and improve relevant standards. During the 12th Five Year Plan period, high-end products can achieve an average annual growth rate of more than 20%, such as ultra-thin screen display substrate glass with an average annual growth rate of 28%, solar photovoltaic photothermal glass with an average annual growth rate of 24%, low radiation coated glass with an average annual growth rate of 18%, which are all areas of focus in the future

photovoltaic glass is an industry that relies on the photovoltaic power generation industry. In the near future, the current trend of the photovoltaic industry is uncertain. European policies are full of uncertainty. Markets such as the United States and China have not developed. In addition, technology is still a problem for China's glass manufacturers. Therefore, this is an industry full of challenges and risks. For enterprises, it is necessary to maintain rational thinking, Accurate judgment on domestic and foreign markets and prudent investment are the king ways to survive in the photovoltaic glass industry. In the long run, it is inevitable to vigorously develop the photovoltaic power generation industry in the historical process of mankind. There will be greater development in the world, and there will be more and more demand for photovoltaic glass. There is no doubt that the development there requires talents. It is an industry full of opportunities

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