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Analysis on the current situation of the hardware pipe fitting industry

the hardware pipe fitting industry has developed in China for nearly 30 years, and more and more countries around the world begin to use China's hardware pipe fitting products. While firmly protecting China's territorial sovereignty and maritime rights and interests, China's demand for hardware pipe fittings is gradually growing at a rate of 15% every year. It is expected that the huge market capacity will bring prosperity to the entire industry. The following is an analysis of the current situation of the hardware pipe fitting industry

with the rapid development of China's national economy and infrastructure construction and the adjustment of national industrial policies. The national market has gradually accepted new environmentally friendly plastic pipes. Therefore, the hardware pipe fitting market has great potential and contains unlimited business opportunities. According to the market analysis of hardware pipe fittings, after recent years' development, new products such as steady-state pipe, butt welding, aluminum-plastic composite pipe, steel-plastic composite pipe, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) hollow wall winding pipe are emerging one after another. The growth rate of the hardware pipe fittings market is about four times the average growth rate of the total pipe market

in, China's hardware and pipe fitting industry developed very fast. The most concentrated markets in the traditional hardware and pipe fitting industry in China are mainly concentrated in the mechanical hardware, construction hardware, decorative hardware and daily hardware. Based on the analysis of the current situation of the hardware pipe fitting industry, the trend of industrial concentration of the hardware pipe fitting industry is also obvious. The domestic hardware pipe fitting industry is mainly concentrated in Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Hebei, Shandong and other economically developed provinces and regions. The products of traditional hardware pipe fitting enterprises are relatively single. Many enterprises only provide supporting facilities and accessories for other manufacturing enterprises, which are highly dependent on manufacturing enterprises and slow to respond to market demand. The traditional hardware and pipe fitting enterprises do not pay attention to the R & D of new products and the extension of the market, resulting in the lack of sustainable competitiveness of the enterprises. In the face of more and more specialized market demand and more and more fierce competition, many hardware and pipe fitting enterprises with rapid development in the initial stage feel powerless to follow up

the hardware pipe fitting industry presents a situation of many enterprises, small scale and relatively scattered production. By the end of 2017, there were more than 40000 hardware and pipe fitting enterprises in China, most of which were private enterprises with an annual production capacity of less than 1000 tons; There are about 200 enterprises with annual sales of more than 20million yuan. In, the output of hardware pipe fittings in China showed an increasing trend year by year, but since 2011, the growth rate has decreased. Hardware pipe fittings are mainly supplied to petrochemical, natural gas, shipping, electric power, heating, pharmaceutical and other industries. With the state's efforts to strengthen energy investment, the discovery of a large number of new oil fields and the west to east gas transmission strategy, "Gasification strategy" of provinces and cities in China ", the deep processing of coal resources, strategic reserves and more use of aviation fuel will greatly enhance the sustainable development of the hardware pipe industry.

the demand for hardware pipes continues to grow at a rate of more than 15% every year, especially because China continues to accelerate the pace of modern urban construction, strengthen the sewage resource treatment, and inspect the transmission system of the water supply and drainage system and building heating system. 7. Inspection of the transmission system of the waterproof coiled material tensile testing machine (electromechanical brush) 2. the application prospect of water supply, sewage pipe, gas, heating pipe, large diameter buried pipe, etc. will be very wide The measurement of static bending strength and elastic modulus is wide. In 2017, the output of hardware pipe fittings in China will reach 4.5 million tons. Users can use the existing functions of the software to complete the mechanical test project. It is estimated that by 2018, it will reach 6million tons. At that time, China will become the country with the largest amount of hardware pipe fittings in the world. Therefore, hardware pipe fitting manufacturers need to seize the opportunity, constantly open up new application fields and strengthen brand upgrading

analysis on the current situation of hardware pipe fitting industry, China's hardware pipe fitting market has developed rapidly, and the market has experienced two development stages, with balanced development; Market brand building and brand market building are the future goals. I also hope Wanxing will become a unique market in the near future. The trends are: 1. Large scale; 2、 Specialization trend; 3、 Characteristic trend; 4、 Standardization trend; 5、 Functionalization trend; 6、 Modernization trend; 7、 Outward trend; 8、 Rationalization trend; 9、 Professionalization trend; 10、 Structured trends

at present, the vast majority of China's hardware pipe fitting manufacturers are small and medium-sized enterprises, with limited scale. The annual production capacity is generally less than 1000 tons, and the overall market concentration of the industry is low. Restricted by qualification certification (such as EU standards, international standards, German standards, British standards, American standards), production capacity, technical reserves, sales channels and other conditions, after years of development, hardware pipe fitting manufacturers have formed a relatively stable competition pattern in downstream professional fields. From the distribution of production enterprises, China's hardware pipe fittings production enterprises are mainly distributed in North China (mainly Hebei), East China (mainly Jiangsu and Zhejiang) and Liaoning in Northeast China, with a high degree of regional concentration

the growth rate of China's pipe fitting market in previous years has reached 15%, ranking among the top three in the world. With the development of social economy, the hardware pipe fitting industry will also present a new trend under the new situation. The rapid development of the downstream industry of hardware pipe fittings will drive the strong demand for large-diameter, composite, high-performance and high reliability pipe fittings. The above is all the contents of the current situation analysis of the hardware pipe fitting industry

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